Friday, May 13, 2011

happy dance!!!!

Errrrrr. Yup. I had a post about being excited, but blogger went down and deleted it. Also the comments from my other post country beauty. But thanks for all the comments. So to Mary that asked about seeing the Northern Lights, Yes we do get to see them. I don't know if I could get a picture that would do it justice.I think I'll try! I know that Renee posted something too, but don't remember what. To FTCF a little bit of perspective, your in my prayers. So thank you to those who posted. If I forgot someone who did post I'm sorry. Maybe they'll get put back on. But if it doesn't then I wanted to respond to those who said something that made me want to say something back to them!!

Anyways back to my excitement! We are almost done home school for the summer!! WWhhhhhoooooooo! (computers don't know what that word is, they never have a suggestion)! Yup I'm totally doing the happy dance right now! All the kiddos books are just about done and we only have a few more things to finish up and then we have the summer off. Well, in real life, which is what I live, they are learning all year. Not all book stuff but life, farm, and garden stuff! I'm so very proud of my kiddos and all the hard work that we have done this school year. It's a full time job.

I don't think I'm going to look at the weather forecast anymore. It's too depressing. It's calling for rain, rain, rain, oh and did I mention more rain? I need to get the lawn mowed, finally. It's all green and in need of a mowing, but I don't think it will get done before the rain comes. Such a cold spring. Hope that this is not an indicator to our summer. I like it hot!! I would be a happy girl if it was 75 all year round! I think I live in the wrong state for that though! :::::sigh::::

Oh and one more thing... I made an apple danish. I'll share pictures too. I read the directions wrong, imagine. I used an egg white in the crust instead of the yolk. So it came out a little different, but I got great reviews from my family. So next time I'll pay better attention to the directions. Oh well at least it was edible! This is a recipe that I got from my MIL. For a bridal shower gift she gave me a bunch of Matthew's favorite and family favorite recipe book. If your thinking horrors, don't. She had Matthew ask me if I would be interested in some of his favorite meals growing up. I was. I thought that was a cool idea. There are also pictures of his family in the cookbook and who the recipe came from. That way when I would see family I would be able to put a face and name together. I thought and still do think what a cool, and useful gift. It's broken and dirty and duck taped together now! Some of the pages are falling out of it, just to let you know, it's very much used, and I love it!! So if my MIL ever reads this post thank you for such a great gift!!!

Mmmmmmm. Yummy!! Interested? Did I spark some interest? Hehehehe OK, so here is the recipe if ya want it!

Apple Danish with Icing

2.5 C flour                                    1 C shortening
1 tsp salt                                       1 egg yolk, and enough milk to make 2/3 C (save the white)

Mix together to form dough, don't over mix or it will be tough, like dough gets!! Divide in half and roll out each to fit a 10 by 15 inch pan

1 C cornflakes                               8 C apples
3/4 C sugar mixed w/ 1 tes cinnamon
1 egg white

Put cornflakes on dough in pan. Layer apples on cornflakes. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Place other crust on top. Then smoosh the ends together. Then brush egg white on top.
Bake 375 for 50 minutes
While it's baking make the icing. 1/2 C powdered sugar, 2-3 tes milk. When the danish is done drizzle on top! Enjoy!!!

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  1. We just finished school this week. We are so glad to start break. Well it's more of a break from mental work, now it's time for the physical work. Ha Ha. We too have been so wet and it's throwing a wrench in everything. We still are thankful though. Take care and congrats for school being done. P.S. our kids are the same age.