Monday, May 23, 2011

monday confessions

I'm tired of all this rain. Really. Seriously.

 I managed to get the lawn mowed, most of it, I just have a small patch that needs to be finished, in between the rain this weekend. We have a push mower, and I like it, I walk and walk and walk! Great time to think and get some exercise.

Saturday morning before the rain Matthew took the kiddos fishing! They were all excited to go! They were gone all morning, and I managed to get some house work done before I mowed.  Rachel was the only one that caught anything though.While it was pouring out I worked on one more project. I can't wait to show you how it's coming out too! It's a  sweater pattern that I turned into a blanket!! And I've never followed a " written pattern" or done this pattern before either!! Shocking right!? I went to visit my grandmother the other day and she gave me the pattern. We had a huge thunder storm too. It was right on top of us and BANG, BOOM!!! Thankfully they made it back BEFORE the rain and more importantly the thunder storm! Yikes! Here are some pictures of the fishing!!

our boy. he likes to fish! 

our baby, she likes to fish too! looks comfy sitting there!

shiner! she likes to fish as well!

our baby caught the only fish that day!! 

goose! she, you guessed it, likes to fish too!

Boy they sure are cute! I'm partial though! I love country life, and they do as well! Shiner and Goose got their own fishing poles for their birthdays this year. It's what they wanted. So cool! And Bug said she wants her own fishing pole too. Yup that's what she's getting too! Little Matt already has one!

Recently I had to throw away about 5lbs of sugar. Well actually it's organic evaporated cane juice. Ouch. Yup had to toss it all in the trash. Why? Well I have glass containers on my counter of things I use very regularly, and it was an old jar that my mom gave me and the rubber ring had worn off, and well I went to close the top and it went CRASH! I found two large pieces of glass on the counter. I decided I didn't want to risk it and eat any glass shards, so out to the trash it went. Oh man! I still have glass containers of things on my counter, but now they are all in Ball Mason jars, the half gallon size, with a plastic food grade cover on it. So now it all matches!

Have a great Monday all, even if it's raining and it's Monday!! :-)


  1. I really think glass is the safest food storage container. Someday they will discover the off gasing of plastic is a carcinogen or maybe they have and I haven't heard.

  2. I've had a hard time posting a comment lately, but I've been reading!!
    The pictures of your children are adorable!
    I like mowing the yard with our push mower also. :)