Friday, May 20, 2011


So I have found the time to sit and knit! It's been raining here a lot lately, days on end it seems, and some days it's been nice and I have taken my projects outside with me. I got stung by a hornet one day when I was out knitting. That was the end of that! I like to make baby blankets for friends and family that are having babies. I have had people say they want one that is big enough for them to warp up in! I take that as a complement. I don't make a ton of them and I think I like to try new patterns. Once in a while I get stuck on a certain pattern that I really like and I make a few blankets in that pattern. Maybe someday I'll be real ambitious and try even more... don't hold your breath! When I pick out a color I don't always pick the traditional "baby" colors, sometimes I base it on who the mother is, or if one of the kiddos really likes a certain color I'll go with that. I have been busy knitting. My mom taught me how to knit, and from that I have learned more stitches. I like to call my grandmother who is a wonderful knitter and ask her questions about knitting too. I have lots of baby blankets from her for the kiddos and she makes them sweaters too. She informs me that I'm doing it wrong and how to fix it, I appreciate her help. I've even looked on you tube for more things. I have yet to make socks or sweaters, but maybe someday. My kiddos want me to make them a sweater out of our sheep wool. We shall see. If I do DaLaney will get the first one. But here are pictures of the blanket, and blanket to come.

this is a close up of the pattern, it's a basket weave. I kinda made up the patten myself in how I made it. I love this color too!
This is the new color I'm going to start on next. It's Dark Sage, I love the Simply Soft yarn! I  My  friend is having a boy, so I am going to make another baby blanket. All this rain I'm having plenty of time to knit! 

the same blanket on my lap, just wanna snuggle a baby in it! this is not the whole thing, it's just to show you what it looks like!  Stupid computer wouldn't let me change the pictures around, I tried three times. That is why the green one is in the middle. The friend I gave this blanket to had a boy.


  1. Is this the red one you were making when I was there last?! It' looks like a raspberry sherbert color on my computer! LOL

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    oh Amy on my computer, at least , the colors aren't nearly as DELICIOUS as they are in person! On here the red looks lighter, and more toward a red/orange and the green looks more like its headed toward aqua...still nice; but not DELICIOUS!

  3. Yeah the camera and I had a talk about the color thing. I think it might have been the flash that makes it look "off" color.
    yes FTCF it's the one you saw when you were here.