Wednesday, March 30, 2011

catch up...

Well between home school, collecting, we have 75 taps, boiling and finishing off maple syrup, regular farm chores and house hold duties, not much else has been going on!! haha! I've been so busy these last few days, I haven't had time for much of anything other then my life. My head hits the pillow and I'm out, not to mention I have a horrible head cold! Going to the concert was great, and am so glad I went, that said now I feel like I'm playing catch up on everything else. I'm three days getting the laundry caught up, and way behind on the house work! But I guess house work is never really "done." At least for me it's not. I've been giving the kids a few more duties of house work too. At least the older two. They enjoy it, and ask for more, sometimes. Other times it's not received joyfully. I don't always joyfully clean my house either, I don't always enjoy it, I'd rather go clean the horses stalls or better yet take one out for a spin! Ha silly girl dreaming!

The past few days we have been putting TO (Time Out) out with Maggie. Neither one seems to really be thrilled with that idea. Maggie hangs out at the back fence line and TO pases the front line. We put out two different piles of hay for them and they switch back and forth. TO would winnie at anyone who walked out the door, drove down the street, or anything that moved. She'd come up to the fence and just wait for anyone to answer her, and to give her a rub on the head, and winnie again when you walk off. I love her voice, it's so different then Abby's, I like Abby's too though. They look at each other and walk the other way. Maggie has laid down a bit more today, and seems to be OK with TO, as long as she doesn't get too close while she's taking a snooze. Abby on the other hand seems to be enjoying her time without the pest with her. She's been laying down and will sprawl out and I watch her sigh as the warm sun hits her belly. And all the hay I put out she gets to eat and doesn't have to share it! But when I put TO back in with her at night, she greets her warmly, sniff noses, squeal and run around. Then are ready for their grain!

We had Maggie preg tested today, and it's official! She's with calf, and due October 12!!!!  The size of the calf is a little bigger then a softball! We were fairly certain that she was because she hasn't shown any sighs of coming into another heat, but we wanted to be sure, and now we know!! We are very excited about that too! The kiddos were out there and watched. Boy the birds and the bees come early on a farm!! A few more questions to answer and they were satisfied. One asked if it was a boy of a girl, we laughed and said hopefully a heifer! That was cute! So now we wait for October. She was 9 days late (I think it was 9 days) with her last one, so give or take a few days we'll have another birth on our farm! It's so exciting! Would love to see this one, we missed the first one. I'd like the kiddos to see it too. We'll see.

The boys went rabbit hunting with one of Matthew's brothers, for the afternoon. He has the dogs and all that and is right into hunting with his dogs. Tomorrow is the last day, and Little Matt really wanted to go, and it worked out for them to go today! He took the camera and I really hope they see something, I'm not too interested in eating a rabbit, or cooking one, so I don't care if they get one, but it would be fun for them if they did! So now the girls and I have the rest of the afternoon to do something. Maybe figure out what to eat for supper, I was going to make a pot roast, but forgot to get it going early this morning to cook all day. By the time I remembered it was almost 12. Oops. There is always tomorrow, but what to do about tonight??!!


  1. Wow that certainly is a full schedule! That sure seems like a lot of taps to keep tabs on. And congrats to Maggie! Hope you have a little heifer running around this fall!

  2. Kelly's- It isn't really a lot to us anymore. We started out with 16, and over the years have gone up. We would eventually like to have 250-300, but not in buckets, we'd use the pipe line and bulk tank. Thanks we hope to have a little heifer this fall too!!