Thursday, March 24, 2011

learning curve...

...gotta love it. gggrrrrr. Some times anyways. The new saperator wasn't working right. Not doing what it's supposed to do. After all the talking I did about how wonderful it is. It still is wonderful, and will be even more wonderful when it's fixed. These new fangled things have so many bells and whistles and gages and valves and buckets and filters that  they all have to be working together to make it work, not to mention that when you buy the thing it needs to be put together and all bricked up on the inside. Well it needed to have more of a flow, so the fire wasn't able to escape properly making the sap take forever to boil down. We had the man we bought it from come out and take a look at it and he told us how to fix the problem. We were very thankful for that. Now maybe we can get it going. Only a few bricks needed to be moved around. And when I say we I really mean Matthew is the one redoing it!  Yesterday Little Matt and I collected all the sap. All the buckets were full and overflowing! It took us a while, but we got it done! We got 11, 15 gallon buckets full of sap! So I guess the new learning curve came with putting it together to make it work. We figured we would have some sort of a trial with it, seeing how it's the first year with it. Hopefully the season will go smoother now that we have some wrinkles ironed out! I'll let you know!

I'm going to a concert tonight with a friend, who also happens to be my sister! I'm excited to get out and have some fun away from the farm!!


  1. One of these days I would love to watch someone make maple syrup. I know it takes a long time, but I still think it would be interesting.

  2. SFG Yes it takes along time to process maple syrup, that is one of the reasons it's so expensive. That and it's a 40:1 ratio. Meaning you need 40 gal of sap to make 1 gal syrup, sometimes it changes depending on the sugar content of the sap! I will try to get a video on here of it boiling down in the saperator, and on the stove and in the jars. But if you can watch someone do it it's great, b/c it smells heavenly!