Saturday, March 12, 2011

random thoughts below...

The other day Matthew went and helped some Amish cut some ice for there ice boxes! He was gone all day too. Hard work, but with lots of able bodied men it got done. What an awesome covenant they have and how they help one another! All the ice they cut went to one family. How cool is this!!?? I have to admit I like my fridge though!

cut and getting ready to load it
the ice cutter

I made homemade devil dogs the other day! They came out really good if I do say so myself!! Along with others I blessed with the treat. Took a long time to make them with lots of butter and milk, actually I think they used butter milk. I decided that cooking sounded like more fun then cleaning! Pioneer Woman Devil Dogs if you want the recipe! They really were good! I've been cooking a lot this week and not blogging. Here are the pictures of my devil dogs.

The cake, homemade of course...was really good...
Oh my the frosting! Rick, creamy, wonderful...
I cut the cake in half, and filled them, they would have been really thick, and wouldn't have gotten as many, and I wanted to share the love...
Mouth watering... delish!
Got a family get together tonight, so I gotta run and get things ready and clean up the kitchen! I made St. Patrick's Day Delight and Tuxedo Brownies! Yummy! I'll take a picture and show you later!!
Have a great weekend all!!