Monday, March 7, 2011

monday confessions...

It's been raining for 3 days!! UGH!! But I'm actually happy about it and I'll tell ya why
THE SNOW IS ALMOST GONE!!!! GONE!!! Kinda excited about that. I've been watching the well casing out back and it was almost covered. Now most of what is left is well, huge lakes of water, they are no longer considered puddles. In some places it's ankle deep. Very thankful for calf high rubber boots on a morning like this when I went out to do chores! We have gotten some freezing rain as well today and the trees have that beautiful look on the branches. We had the power flicker, and made sure the fire was going. Hope we don't loose the power, or we might loose some chicks. With the wind howling around out there, and the weight of the freezing rain, it could happen. We have some extra water for us, the animals, the toilet... just in case.
The chicks are doing well. They are getting into their ugly stage where they are loosing their baby fuzz and getting their feathers. Been a while since we've had chicks that are not broilers and what a difference in size and activity. They are busy little girls and already trying to roost! We lost one, but got 2 replacements today. Not a Top Hat, but I still want one.
I made the kiddos eat pears for breakfast while the man and I ate the leftover french toast!!
I don't know about others, but when my feet get cold, I get cranky. I'm seriously considering buying some BOGS next year, after all the rave reviews I heard about them. Winter boots as well as water proof. Extra bonus.
If I could describe my husband with just a few words, well it would be hard, but  I'll share some of him with you, he's my best friend, quiet, gentle, strong, and loves his family. He wears wanglers and cowboy boots too!! Love that!

This is looking down our road. 

This is across the street, that huge thing in front is a snow bank. It's shrunk a lot, and was taller then me. Maybe I'll have my son take a picture of me in front of it tomorrow... Just so you can see!
Because I'm a dork, I snapped a picture of the frozen hay outside. 
My 2 oldest kiddos outside.



  1. sorry, but that was a bit pingy!

    and again, I ask what are you confessing?!

  2. OK, so the confessions are just random thoughts, expressions of me, the kiddos, the man, life, something that happened and I want to share. I just thought that Monday confessions sounded like fun so that is what I call them, call it whatever you want. There really is no "order" to Mondays in my life no matter how hard I try, so that is how I dubbed Monday blog posts.

  3. i always look forward to your Monday confessions ....