Saturday, March 5, 2011

happy girl!!!

Alright, so I have a problem. I know, shocking right?
I get very excited when I get a package in the mail. It doesn't happen very often. You should see me when the UPS man comes! I know this is a problem, but I'm OK with it, and so is my family! Anyways we went to pick up the girls at my brother and sister in laws, I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes and a ride sounded nice. Well, we have a PO Box, we get so much snow I'd be afraid a road side box would be taken out multiple times in the winter. Just not worth it. Well I went in to get the mail and saw one of those yellow thingies that indicate you a have a package too big for the box, so I went and got it, and it was for ME!! Y.E.E.H.A.W. YEEHAW! I got back in the car, after almost falling on my face from the ice patch I stepped on, and two of the kiddos asked excitedly what it was! It runs in the family. I opened the red package and low and behold! I even let out a little squeal of delight, when I saw it! Oh I was instantly happy to see my present, which was from one of my sisters! A birthday present! No it's not my birthday. Don't ask. I had coveted, eerrr, I mean wanted one since I saw it! I had openly hinted to The Man about it and said Mother's Day is right around the corner. My sisters tell me I'm about as suttle as a gun!!
Well here it is!! MY NEW COOKBOOK!! Oh sorry I didn't mean to yell...

Y..E..E..H..A..W...!! Pioneer Woman Cooks. Ya I 'm a fan...

I drool just about every time I look at or cook some of her food! I know another problem, but...
Perhaps that is  why she wrote a cookbook, she makes awesome food!  Now hopefully I can save some money on ink and paper now that I don't have her cookbook! Can't wait to try some new recipes, because I'm always looking for them, and try them on unsuspecting people, like my family!! That and the ingredients are normal things, like butter!! I hate it when I find a recipe that looks great, but the ingredients are impossible to find, very pricey, and I'd never use it, unless I make that one thing. Hate that.
So that's all folks, now you know why I'm excited, and happily cooking up new things in my kitchen. Currently working on Devil Dogs! Not sure if they are in the cookbook, but yummish looking, can't wait to try them!! I'll let you know how good they are!!


  1. Thank You Jen for my gift! I love it!

  2. Completely jealous!! I would have squealed too... just saying. :D

  3. I am glad that you like the book! I have really enjoyed reading it and cannot wait to cook more recipes from it! I think I will be trying the sour cream pancakes soon! (Dad even likes the book)

  4. What a great gift for your "birthday." I like her recipes too. Maybe I should just break down and buy the book. lol