Friday, March 25, 2011

fun, fun, fun!!!

I had such a blast at the concert! It was loud and just wonderful, I think I may need hearing aids when I'm old because of all the concerts I like to go to! I love concerts that rock and the bands are great and the singers sound better live then on the radio! Then you know it's gonna be good! There were a few drunks taken out of the concert area when the main event came on. Too bad for them, they missed a great show. I spent the night at my sisters house and well we didn't get much sleep, we sat up until 4am talking and laughing like school girls! Then we crashed. My head hit my pillow and I was out. I woke up at 8:40, I don't remember the last time I slept in. But seeing how I went to bed at 4 I don't think that is sleeping in!! One sister lives on a small farm, like me, only her farm is different then mine, if that makes any since. My other sister works, and is not a farm girl, at all, and she had to work last night, so she couldn't come. We missed her :-( Maybe next time! :-) So this morning after barn chores were done me my sister and her kiddos had some, imagine this, farm errands to run! So we hopped in the truck and away we went. The first stop was to get gas, then we went over to Dunkin Donuts. We needed coffee, or we wouldn't have made it! We went to a natural food store, I needed to get some stuff for my next project, because I don't have enough to do! and that was real nice. They had local products from local farms! Oh how I love that!!! Then we came back and I had to get going. I had some farm errands to run of my own. Silly, eerrr maybe a total blonde moment I had, I could have done them with her in town. We went to a farm store! Oy! Didn't even cross my mind! Guess that is what lack of sleep will do to me! So I drove all over the state of Maine and got my stuff done. When I got home I was greeted by my wonderful family with lots of hugs and kisses. I was told how much I was missed too! Even better! I managed to make pizza for supper with my eyes half closed, then got a few other house chores done and now here I sit, totally wiped out and ready for bed! But I have a few pictures I want to share about what I'll be up to tomorrow, and next week and I wanted to let you know how awesome the concert was! WOW!! I love Country music!

this was sitting on my stove when I got home. The on the right was there last night. They are all ready to be heated and put into jars!!! My project for tomorrow. Matthew will be helping. Right now to filter this and bottle it it takes two people.

yummy delishisness right there folks! ya it tastes as good as it looks too! right after I snapped the shot I ate what was in the spoon!! couldn't help my self!

any guesses?

This is my new project! Finally! Granted not everything I need it there, but most of it is. I'm going to make some cow milk soap! I have lots of milk around here, and I really want to try it. I've made goat milk soap before and I love it! I no longer have a goat, but have a cow and so now I'm gonna try it! I've read that Jersey milk is comparable to goat milk, b/c it has a high fat content and will be creamy. We shall see. I don't always believe everything I read... but I'm gonna try it on my family first and see what happens. Then see if I can scare up some more guinea pigs!! Maybe my in laws...

Anyways enough rambling on. I'm going to bed! Have a great night all!!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun! Hubby said he would like to try making syrup. So, we might be askin a few questions later on. lol