Wednesday, March 9, 2011

if you can appreciate horses...

My girls
I love to go outside in the horse barn and just stand there quietly and listen while they eat, especially if I'm in a bad mood, or just need a few minutes to breath. They lift my spirits with their quiet acceptance of my grumpy mood. The way they always welcome me with a heart felt winnie or the light wicker you have to be listening for, and I know the sound of their "voices". I love the noises that they make and the scents that hit my nostrils when I enter the barn. The hay, the sweet smell of grain, the leather, the manure and just the wonderful smell of horses. Anyone that loves horses, loves those smells, and can appreciate it. Kinda like your husbands cologne, you know it, you love it, and you sometimes find yourself burring your nose in his shirts just to smell it. The rustling of the hay as they move it around to eat the best stuff first, the munching sounds they make as they chew it, the occasional thumping of their hooves as they move around their stalls. The soft snort and hot breath in my face as I run my hands down their soft, silky necks, and bury my nose in them and breath deeply. How they nudge my hand and pockets looking for a horse cookie or carrot. How they have quietly, and trustfully made me fall in love with horses and everything that comes with them.
 Ahhh, this country girl and her horses...
  I love my girls...


  1. That is so sweetly written! You are right, they have that intoxicating allure that can bring a calm over you in a second.

  2. Your description takes me back to the 1960's on my Aunts farm. There were 3 work horses, that my Mother drove on occasion, living out their retirement after the tractors took over. I absolutely loved putting them in and giving them grain and hay in the late afternoons in the winter. The munching and stomping were so wonderful.

  3. The horse barn is one of my favorite places in the world!