Monday, February 6, 2012

monday confessions

Friday I had to go to town. That was my first mistake. I hate going to town on Fridays. Everyone comes out of the wood work. And it was super bowl weekend. I think that must be a national holiday or something...And it was in the late afternoon! What was I thinking? Apparently I was not. I only had to get a few things and had 2 kiddos with me. They like to shop. One of them had a gift card to spend and she bought a Onesie and a stuffed animal for her baby. So cute. The girls love their babies and the baby clothes. Well I did the rest of my shopping at warp speed just to get out of the insanely busy store. The girls were laughing and telling me I was taking them crazy all over the store.There were not enough lines opened and they were all backed way up. I picked one lane and stood there and chatted with the girls. I am always aware of where I am and my kiddos are in relationship to me. I mean hello! How can you not be! I'm like a mama bear. Don't come too close or you might get bit. Seriously. As we are standing there this young man comes up to wait in line behind me. I can see him out of the corner of my eye because of the way I am standing. I look around. The young man is on his phone. I see my neighbor in a different line and mouth a hello and send a small wave. I'm standing there in line for a while and can feel this man getting closer to me. I tried to put some distance between us by moving, twice! He moves too. I'm really wanting to take a step back and step on his toes or "bump" into him. He has no idea how close he was, totally consumed by his phone. The wait in line was long. Just not moving. My comfort level is uncomfortable. A man in the same line is cussing about everything. I'm hoping my girls don't hear him, and this punk behind me is practically in my back pocket! Growl. Still consumed with his phone, and insistent on being in MY SPACE!. I get to the check out person and wait until the order in front of me is done to not confuse the orders. The cussing man tells me to just put my stuff up there. I  glared at him and sent him a look that said shut up, and he didn't say another word, just looked down. I couldn't get back by my cart because the punk with his phone was practically in my cart! I'd had enough and suddenly I heard the very irritated, yet calm voice of mine saying "Could I have some Space please?!" with an irritated look on my face. He looked startled and jumped about a foot back and stuttered "oh sorry."  He had no idea who was around him or how close he was to me! Irritating!! Breath. Now I had the cart between me and him, and he was no longer consumed with his phone! I felt better. I pay for my things, and my daughter uses her gift card and we leave the store. Still a mad house. I was glad to be done and able to come back home. Don't think I'll shop on a Friday afternoon anytime soon again.

I still haven't finished my blanket, and didn't go to the baby shower on Friday:(

I went out with my sisters on Saturday night. We wanted a mommy night out! Had fun too! Then we did some shopping! More fun! I like to look around and see the people that are out and what they are doing. Again, aware of my surroundings. There were lots of people out and the restaurant was busy. There was a couple that was sitting near us and the guy was glued to his phone. Didn't even look at or talk to the woman who was sitting in front of him looking bored and flipping through the menu. We left before them and he was still on his phone and she was looking bored and ignored. How sad. There was an older couple out and they were having a lively conversation with each other. That was nice to see. There was a group of folks out that were very loud and laughing next to us. Nice. There was a group of women out together and I wondered if they were having a mommy night out too! Our waiter was great, and made sure our drinks were full and we were happy with our food.The music was getting louder and louder as we ate, and until we left. The food was great!

The Giants won the super bowl in case you hadn't heard. One of my sisters is a huge fan and I was happy for her that they won against the Patriots, again! Whoot whoot!! I didn't watch the game :(

So when you go out are you aware of your surroundings or are you the annoying one with your nose stuck in your phone?! Just wondering!

Have a great day all!


  1. You are so correct. As a Brit, I am still surprised by how crowded the markets are on Fridays. Good you stood up for yourself. In England, a fellow like that would be considered a lout!

  2. I have actually turned around and said "Excuse me!" to people crowding me in line. They even bump you with their basket sometimes! Grrr! I also get VERY annoyed when people continue to talk on the phone as they are checking out. Hey, the cashier is a real, live person and deserves some respect! Okay, sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes! :)