Monday, February 20, 2012

monday confessions

What a busy weekend I had. It was really fun though.
We reached 100 day in home school last week! whoot whoot!! And that is no easy feat. Really. It's not a cake walk to home school. There are good days and bad days. Sometime a combo of both. But we made it, and I'm so thankful for that.  I wanted to do something nice for the kiddos, so I came up with a plan to have some friends over for them. Friday night we had  a niece over for the night and day, then on Saturday I had a nephew over for the night. It didn't work out to have them both for the whole weekend, so they each had a night. The kiddos were surprised and I told them how proud I was of them for all their hard work in school, and that was just a little something for them, from me.

On Sunday we had church and then a party at my grandmothers. She likes to have little holiday parties with her family together, because we never see each other except at these parties, (my extended family that is), I like to go visit my grandmother when I can.

I have been letting Dandie out in the afternoons and putting Maggie in. Matthew was around when we first put her out and she was fine. She did laps around the small winter pasture we have for them. Was funny to watch her. Now when she gets out she still runs around, but then settles down and eats. I've been calling her into the barn in the evening before chores with the rattle of the grain and calling her. The other day she jumped right in the barn and looked at me for a minute, then came over and stuck her head right in her stanchion!! I was so excited!! Yay!! She's getting it! She only tried to nurse of Maggie twice, but I hollered at her, and she jumped back so fast she fell out of the barn and landed on her butt in a sitting position!  That was kinda funny. I guess my voice speaking firmly at her spooked her. She didn't try it again the next time she came in the barn.

We still have yet to start tapping trees. I'm concerned about it this year. We didn't get the snow we usually get, and was an open winter, so I don't know how well the sap will run. I'm praying they will run well though, and have some yummy maple syrup to enjoy and sell! I think in the next week we will be tapping trees. I'll post some of the fun we are having, provided my camera doesn't die on me.

Our land situation is still hanging in the balance. It hasn't sold yet, but there is someone interested in it, and if they buy it, it's not a problem for us to keep using the land. But we are still praying for the door to open for us to buy our own though.  So we continue to wait...look...and pray.

I have to run, my afternoon watering, haying and cleaning stalls are calling me, and I still need to get in a lesson with one of my kiddos!!

I just had to post this picture. I saw a picture of tomatoes and I had to post mine. I can't wait to have some growing in my garden. A few more months and I'll be planting some new kind of tomato!! Can't wait to try them. They are a canning type of tomato, a friend gave us the seeds. I'll let you know more later!
Have a great Monday all!

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  1. How nice that you planned a special thank you for the kids and how absolutely wonderful that you still have your grandmother and your children have the opportunity to know her!
    I hope the maple trees come through for you, I know it sure has been a wacky winter!