Friday, February 10, 2012

what's cooking in my kitchen

I had a real hankerin for Chinese food last night. Since we live way out in the country and delivery is not an option for us, and I didn't feel like driving all the way into town, I figured I had better either deal with my craving or make it myself. So I made it myself! Probably cheaper and better for me to make it myself too!
What did I make? Mmmmm. Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Fried Rice! If I had really planned a menu this week, which I did not, so I've been flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to meal planning eerrr rather not planning this week I would have made Terriaki Stake, oh and egg rolls would have been great too, but I didn't. Maybe next time! Maybe I'll share sometime;-)
 So on with the cooking right? Sorry some of the pictures look a little off. My camera is not always working properly. Whaaaa. I think I need a new one.

First up the Sweet and Sour Chicken.

 You gotta have chicken and dip it in some eggs.

Then you roll it around in some flour mixture

 Pile it up on a plate

 Then you fry it up in some oil for a few minutes. Just to get a coating one it. It's Olive Oil, so it's good for you right?!

 Then you make the sweet and sour sauce. Don't worry the "floaties" are crushed up garlic!

Once it's all fried a bit put it in a pan and dump the sauce over it.
Then if you care to add some cherries and pineapple.

Then it's time for the rice.

 Make some rice. Who wants to look at that cooking? Then dump it in a pan after you have sauteed garlic and onion in some butter! Then add your seasoning and mix well. Smells really good!

Then add some peas and carrots and mix them all up. If using frozen then I would heat them up before putting them in the rice. Just makes it a little quicker.
Push all the rice mixture around the pan and dump in some beaten eggs in the middle of the pan.
 Scramble the eggs until cooked.
 When the eggs are all cooked stir it all together
Then serve it with the chicken

OH would you look at that! So yummy!!!
I hope I've made ya'll want Chinese food now!! Hahahaha
Have a great night all!


  1. YUM!! I do SOOO want some fried rice right now!! :)

  2. That looks awesome! Way better than any of the chinese food that we get around here. Way to go!! ( Can we come over?? :) )