Tuesday, February 21, 2012

totally bummed

Bad news is Maggie is not preggo. She bled out yesterday. Boo. Now if we catch her next month that means a calf in December. Boo.
The good news is we can now better track her heat cycle because we know when she bled out. Yay. We can breed her again next month. Yay!
I know just what ya'll wanted to read! Right! haha
Just part of farm life. I just thought I would share. Just kinda bummed that she didn't settle. Here's to better success next time!


  1. BOO!! Hope you guys have better luck next month!

  2. trust me I COMPLETELY understand your frustration. I think only 1 of my three does settled.... and we're still waiting to see!

  3. Shucks! Better luck next time, so there can be more YAYs than BOOs ;)