Friday, February 17, 2012


Anybody got any good ideas on how to cook these bad boys?

Parsnips. Never cooked them before. Go ahead and laugh, I'll wait...
I have more, but don't really have any idea how to make them taste good. I'm not even sure I like them, but a farmer friend gave us some, so now I need to cook 'em, and I'm hoping some of my blogger friends can help me out! Please! :)
I mean besides the obvious of peeling, cutting and boiling them.


  1. I've never cooked parsnips before either - in fact, I don't think I've ever eaten them! I bet if you go to and use their "search by ingredient" function, you could come up with some good recipes. Good luck!

  2. I LOVE parsnips! Add them to a roast with the potatoes and carrots, roast them at 400 degrees with other root vegetables tossed lightly in olive oil, or use them in a stew or potpie. Let us know how you like them! :)

    1. thanks! i'll give it a whorl! and let you know~

  3. Roast them with a chicken like you would carrots and potatoes. Then you can either eat them or put them into a chicken stock. They're like a spicy carrot :) when in doubt about a veggie, I always try roasting it :)