Sunday, February 12, 2012

cool bowls

Matthew's uncle made these two bowls for us.

They are made out of cherry wood that Matthew sawed out and has had drying for a few years now. They are kinda neat. One of them we will use for a bowl, and the one that has the ridged bottom, I'm not sure. It's not very deep. His uncle came over last week and got another piece of cherry and is going to make me a bigger bowl that I can wash my butter in! We have priced them and they are around 100 bucks. For some reason the butter doesn't stick to a wooden bowl, I don't really know why, but I can't wait to get it and try it! I'll post it on here when I get it. I just thought these bowls were nice and they are hand/homemade and wanted to show you them. I mean it's not everyday I get a bowl like this, and made of cherry no less!


  1. STUNNING!!! I love bowls like that!

  2. Those are beutiful! How neat that they are made by family!!

  3. How cool to have a talented turner in your family! The cherry sure has some beautiful markings. How interesting that the butter doesn't stick to the wooden bowls! I'm going to pass that along.

  4. I'm always in awe of woodworkers. Such talent!