Wednesday, February 8, 2012

these boots were made for girls!
Kinda excited!
I got some new barn boots, and I had to tell you because I knew you would be excited too! I know silly farm girl gets excited about boots?! hahaha! OK I can laugh at myself. Well these are the highly talked about BOGS. Well at least my sister talks about how she just LOVES her BOGS. I wanted some last year, but didn't end up finding any at the end of the winter that were in my size. They run small. I had to get two sizes bigger then I normally wear. Don't look at the size if you'll have a complex about big feet! Present company excluded. (ahem). They are warm, and water proof! What more do you need slopping around in cow, horse, sheep, and chicken, manure in the spring, summer, ok all year long! I have some rubber boots, but my feet freeze in them in the winter, even in my wool socks. Now they should stay warm in my BOGS! Oh and I didn't even tell you the best part. How I got them. My sister was out shopping and she calls me, and our conversation goes kinda like this,
"Hey. You want any barn boots that are BOGS?"
"Um ya."
"Well I'm here at such and such a store and they have them here, and I was wondering is $45 dollars was a good deal on them?"
"YA! That's half price!"
Giggle. "I know!! Right! So do you want me to get you some, they have sizes ....."
"Yup. I'll take the purple ones!!"
Then we chatted for a few minutes! I'll spare you the rest of our conversation.
I was at my moms today and I picked up my new boots! So here they are!

My handy wood box my man built for me behind the boots! Just an FYI!
Have a great night!


  1. love Love LOVE the boots! I got a pair of pink plaid boots for Mother's Day a couple years ago & they make sloppin around the farm more fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my photos! :)

  2. Love them!!!!!! That was a good buy too!!!!

  3. hmmm, those don't look anything like my bogs...weird. Enjoy!

  4. Cute, cute boots! You'll be stylin' and WARM as you slop through the manure this spring! :)

  5. those are so cute! If I had a need for boots, I would definitely get some of those!