Friday, June 3, 2011

wild winds...

Phew, this has been such a long week. Really. We have been doing everything, but farming. We still have our chores and all that everyday twice a day. Matthew has been super busy over at the mill, and I've been super busy with chores and cleaning my house. Any of you home schooling moms know how much of home school takes over your life, and how your house work goes by the way side, and if that isn't your case then kudos to you! My house gets the basic treatment while I'm home schooling. Then once school is over I can get all that deep cleaning done, and all the soot washed off everything from the wood stove, that I love! Like my sister teasingly, sorta, tells me, it's 90 in my house in the winter and the summer!!! Yes I have AC, but I have no shade trees, and so I don't really use it. I like the hot weather! And I hate being cold in the winter, but I think it's more like 80 in my house, haha. I just love the wood stove. Actually this year all the kiddos helped do some spring cleaning with me twice. They washed walls, pictures, floors, you get the picture.
The weather has been wild with the wind, rain and the thunder storms! Now it's cold. Need layers on and pray my clothes don't blow to the next town when I hang them on the line!!
So what have I been up to this week? Well Monday seems like a month ago to me, but we went to the parade and proudly watched our boy march with the cub/boy scouts, then we had a BBQ at the house with family. Tuesday I sold some maple syrup! Oh yeah and I was putting away the kiddos winter clothes and getting out summer clothes. That is a project and a half moving buckets of clothes around, cleaning out 4 dressers and rearranging clothes. I didn't put all their sweaters away and long sleeve shirts, and I'm glad, it's cold and they still need them.Wednesday the kiddos had dentist appointments in the AM. I'm pleased to say no cavities!! Yay!! Then had some shopping and farm errands to run all over town. We had some crazy thunder rain showers too in the morning and then in the evening. We even had tornado warnings! What?! Yup in Maine, but I'm very thankful that we didn't get one here. So very thankful. I did get some pictures of the lightening though, it was just amazing to watch it. The thunder heads were huge! We got home Wed night and ran around to get everything done before the storm, but we only got a little bit of rain. Thursday I got a ton of stuff done around the house in and out. I was happy with what I got done. Last night we went to one of my brother in laws for their sons 1st birthday party! Then I helped Matthew over at the mill finish up some bee hive stuff for an order before we came home at 9ish. The week isn't over yet. DaLaney went to her grandmothers for the day to sew and cook. Then she has a "date" with Daddy tonight, and they are going fishing with her cousin and his brother. As for me and the kiddos, I don't really have a plan for the day, because I'm sure that it will change like the wind as my days usually do. But I'll get something done.

that's half the thunderhead. I wanted the sunset.

I was excited to get such an awesome picture of the lightening streak coming out of the sky. 

look real close and you can see the lightening streak behind the telephone pole.

Enjoy your day! I need to get some more work done, the kiddos want a snack, and I need an iced coffee! Breakfast seems like it was so long ago!


  1. Those are some FANTASTIC and hard to get shots of the lightning! WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Thanks FTCF! I stood outside with the camera for a long time and kept taking the pictures and finally got some good ones, after deleting lots too!

  3. Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. Cool pics. Do you have a special camera to take pictures in the dark? That is a really neat one. My house is on hold too. The sun finally came out here so I have to replant part of my garden because the weather has been so terrible here.
    Take care

  4. Mary- I have a Kodak Easy Share CD1013 camera. It has a landscape picture taking feature on it that I use when taking those kinds of photos. I love it!

  5. Great lightening shots! Hope you were able to get a few things done today ! :)