Tuesday, June 14, 2011

making cheese

Yea! I'm very excited to be making cheese! Finally!
 I got the stuff the other day and now an happily making a cheese mess in my kitchen! I have looked online for some information on cow cheese. I'm going to try mozzarella, sour cream, soft cow cheese, like a Chevre cheese. I love Chevre cheese and am interested if it will be worth making again. Anyhow I think it's worth a shot at least! Then the Fromage Blanc, this is like a cream cheese! Then I need to whip up some bagels and try it out! I'm so excited!! I have wanted to make cheese for a long, long time now. I've gone to some cheese making talks/confrence or whatever you want to call them. I just find it so interesting to watch the process. To curddle milk, eat it and love it. I have access to a cheese press, but it's so big I don't know where I would put it. But I think I could maybe find room... That is for hard cheese like cheddar. I love sharp cheddar cheese, actually I love cheese in general! And now that I have a cow I have all the milk I could want to start something new. Who knows maybe I'll sell some and make a little money for the farm!!
I have finished the soft cheese, and will have the Fromage Blanc finished tomorrow!

heat milk to 86 degrees add the stuff and let it sit for 12 hours

drain through a cheese cloth

all drained

final product! add a little garlic and basil and I was good to try it!
Yup it's good too! I would love to have put fresh basil in it, but I didn't have any. Out of a gallon of milk I got a little over 2 pounds.


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    Thats awesome! ... and looks delicious! Yes, its so worth making the mess. You'll have to get the pictures of bagels and your Fomage Blanc. You found all this online? Or is there a super secret cheese manual that comes with happy milking cows? - Kellys in KY.

  2. Hahahaha! Kelly's!! It's in the cow manual! No just kidding. There is a wedsite out of Mass that sells cheese making supplies. It's www.cheesemaking.com I'll post a picture when I get my bagels made, I ran out of time and haven't had any to make them...yet, but they are coming soon!