Monday, June 6, 2011

what a life!!!

What a beautiful weekend I had!! The weather was perfect! Sunny with a bit of a breeze and oh so warm and wonderful on my face!! Just seems to lift all the winter hum drum off and bring me back to life! I love it this time of year. The trees are in full bloom, the grass is thick and lush. The sunsets are amazing! If I was a horse or cow what a great shmorgous board to eat after hay all winter long! Seeing the horses (and the cow at times), just open up and run across the pasture and kick up their heels throwing their heads around and almost here them squeal with delight as they let go and run! Then happily drop and roll around, then look around to see if anyone was watching them! Oh what a great life I live! The smells and sounds of the birds happily flying about gathering food to feed their babies, the hens clucking in the yard, the hum of neighboring lawn mowers, BBQs! The hay fields dancing as the wind comes around to cool us from the heat of the sun. The lightening bugs lighting up the fields at night. The smell of the camp fire, marshmellows and giggling of the kiddos enjoying night life in the country! I am so thankful I married a country boy and he brought me here to live!

 Got so much stuff done around the house and the farm yard! Granted I still have a ton more to do and haying season is here, finally! So that means long days getting that done. But when you have critters to feed all winter long, and hay is $4 a bale here, at least it was last year, I'm so very thankful for our haying equipment and fields that we can hay. I even like the long days in the field, and dropping in bed at night exhausted, and happy with all that was accomplished!

All four of my kiddos are gone. One is spending some time overnight at one of my sisters with her son. He was way excited about that. The girls are over at one of my brother in laws with their cousins. My man and I had a date all alone too! I enjoy those times when the house is quiet and the kiddos are gone and we can have a whole conversation with no interruptions! Doesn't happen very often, so I enjoy the times we do! I also look forward to having us all back together under one roof and listen to them chatter about all that they did and then snore that night about 5 minutes after they get into bed!

So until next time! God bless!


  1. And snore will your boy and loudly! HEHEHE They are having SOOOOO much fun! Being arm and arm and laughing like crazy - you know, like kids should do!

  2. Enjoy those snippets of time with the kids at other places. When their absence becomes the norm it won't be fun anymore.

  3. FTCF! Can't wait to hear him chatter all the way home!!!I think they are already planning the next sleep over too!! Can't you hear them?

    Doglady, oh how I don't look forward to they day that's the norm. I do miss them and find myself wandering by their bedrooms and want them home and hear the endless chatter! Tonight we will all be back together under one roof and back to my normal!

  4. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    What a great post! You can feel your joy and exuberation through your words. - Kellys Adventure in KY ( Sorry it wouldn't let me post with our google account )

  5. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    so glad you are getting some GREAT weather! Love the sleepovers too!

    google has been such a pain lately! Sorry!