Sunday, June 12, 2011



The youngest two helped us pick rhubarb the other day. The older two were with their grandparents. We don't have a patch of it, but one of the neighbors up the road from us does, and she was more them happy to give us some. I have discovered a new use for rhubarb. It's called blue-barb pie! Oh it is soooooo good! I'll share the recipe and pictures of in a different blog post. Oh the suspense!!
I like to wash, and cut it all up then

I think it looks pretty!
Anyways, then I freeze it in 4 cup bags! Hey gotta tell you we bought a Food Saver, the real deal, and got a screaming good deal on it. The $200 one for $100. Yup half price! Can't wait to see if it really does keep out the freezer burn. I mean it's gotta be better then regular freezer bags right?! Was really happy about that! Now the rhubarb looks like this

Vacuum sealed!
So yes let the harvesting begin here for us! Weird if I stop to think about it. I think of harvest time in late August and September, and maybe if we get a touch of Indian summer October. Just trying to think of the crops we plant.  But I guess it really starts with maple syrup.
Oh well, either way I look at it, it's that time of year is here, and where we live in Maine we are always getting ready for the winter to come! Besides a blue-barb pie sure will taste good in January!

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  1. That's funny, I love the way rhubarb looks too! It's the closest thing to a "round and shiny" vegetable I can think of! lol!