Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Alas we have gotten our gardens planted! I felt like it was never going to get done, but I really knew it would. The weather was just right the other evening so we took advantage of it. We usually plant Memorial weekend, but too much other stuff was going on. We have two medium gardens (at least I call them medium) that we rotate things around in. The kiddos love to help plant, and even weed, sometimes. I don't really like to weed, but it's a necessary thing, so I do it. Seems to go much smoother when we are all out there in the cool of the evening to do it. The kiddos like to use the hoes as horses and run up and down the garden, before it's planted though! I still need to get some lettuce and basil planted. I'd really like an herb garden. Well I did have one, but it's been mowed over by the horses and sheep... I'll leave it at that! We put a hot wired fence around it to keep the chickens out of it, they like to take their dirt bathes in it, and disturb the seeds or just eat 'em!

That's all. Just wanted to let all you gardeners know that it's finally planted! Now we pray for a bountiful harvest!! Happy weeding all!


  1. I used to dislike weeding but now with chickens who love them it is fun or at least it has a secondary purpose. I did mulch my broccoli and kale with straw though.

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    Do hope you get a wonderful garden this year! Hope your herbs will grow back. Pesky chickens! So cute how the kids are right in th emiddle helping out - Kelly's Adventure.