Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sure why not!?!?! It is spring and I do live in the country!
Sure on Bambi they portray the skunk as a cute little thing, and "Flower" was cute. I mean they are kinda cute. They eat bugs and mice so they aren't all bad! I know a kid who had one as a pet when he was a pet. I believe that it had the stink taken out though. Somehow. Was a long time ago. Anyways, when your dog gets sprayed or one gets hit and you drive by it. Yuck. Last year when Matthew was haying the field he cut one with the mower. He felt real bad, and had to take care of it. Boy did that stink. Yes I'm getting there just taking a bunny trail!!
Had a great day yesterday too. Was hot, but I loved it! Went on a delivery with my man while the kiddos played at their grandmothers in the afternoon. Then last night we had my brother and sister in law and all their kiddos over for supper. We had a BBQ. It was really good too! The kiddos were all outside playing having a grand time of it. Every once in a while they would come in with a bunch of flowers for us. We could hear them laughing and screaming. Mind you it was a happy scream, there is a difference. Well all of a sudden we hear this shriek and hollering and mass entrance of kiddos, there were 7 of them, (one was in the house he just turned one), running through the front door all of them wild eyed and loudly proclaiming they found a skunk in the field!! I'm not sure who found who first! The smell of skunk suddenly filled the house and we shooed them back outside. The fathers were the lucky ones who got to do the sniff check while my SIL and I laughed!! Thankfully as the kiddos were running away and the skunk was running away they didn't get a direct hit of spray! Two needed a shower and their clothes hosed off and washed separately, but all in all it wasn't too bad. Guess I must really be country if I think getting a little dose of skunk on my kiddos is not so bad! I do have plenty of tomatoes and vinegar... At least we could laugh at the whole thing!
 So chalk one up to a skunk and 7 kiddos playing in the field at dusk!! Wonder how long it will take before they go play in the field at dusk again!! hahahaha
I think this memory of skunks will last a long time with all of them. At least I hope it does! I know it will for me!
Ah gotta love country life!


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha!!! That is too funny! Love stories like this!

  2. That is soooo funny. We usually get the yearly dog spraying. It's great. There is this stuff called Skunk Off. It is the best stuff on earth.

  3. Oh dear! We know that smell all too well... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Indeed it is, have used that myself and it works WONDERFULLY!

  5. For dogs,I use a solution of Master Mechanic All Purpose Cleaner in a spray bottle. I put the dog in a wire crate and spray it really well with the solution. The cleaner breaks up the oil that carries the scent. After a reasonable soak time, I give the dog normal shampoos and the scent is history. Many people think the cleaner will harm the dog. It doesn't because it is on the fur and doesn't reach the skin.