Tuesday, June 21, 2011


you just gotta jump, run, slide and be a kid! Oh the boundless energy of youth. They can go all day long and then face plant in bed at night and snore five minutes after they get in it. They dream of their days and can't wait to do it all again tomorrow with the same excitement and energy of what the day will bring! They bring new energy to life, tears and laughter, and a few of those "heart popping" moments of love and pride when you look at them. Looking at my kiddos is looking into the future, wondering what life they will have and where it will take them. I guess I secretly hope that it won't take them too far from home, I'd miss them and it kills me to think of it, but with God in the drivers seat of their lives I know they will never truly be too far from home.

Yup the boundless energy of youth! I love it!

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  1. I feel the same way about my kids growing up and leaving the nest. I don't want them to leave but in the back of my mind I know they have to venture out and find where God is leading them.