Monday, October 8, 2012

monday confessions

Alright so I'm running late. It's Monday. Of course I'm running late. I don't know how, I woke up on time. Oh wait go back and read the Monday part. It's Monday! The girls and I are heading to my Mom's for a fun day with a sister an aunt and her grand kiddos. I walk out the door with out the casserole, turn around go back and get it. Drive down the road and turn around an come back home. I forgot something. Get back in the car and head down the road. Silently cursing myself for being late. I don't like to be late. Kinda drives me batty on all sides of it! Anyways! I stop at the post office and hurriedly get out of the car and walk briskly to the door. I keep going as I grab the handle and WhAm! It doesn't open and I hit the door. Well I guess they are closed. Oh right it's Monday. A holiday. Head down I quickly get in the can to leave. And yes there was another person in the parking lot...and yes I'm sure they saw me. OH the joy of small town living...
I also had to get gas. GAHHHHHHHH. Stupid gas. I put the gas in the car and hurry up the steps...and trip going up them. Thankfully the 5 people standing by the door are more interested in the coffee they are arguing over to notice me. I pay and head out to Mom's. Thankful for no more doors eerrr stops and iced coffee waiting for me!! Yay!
Had a great day oh and some amazing brownies! Oh I will be sharing that, and ya get some fat pants! OK. Sorry. But amazing! hahaha!! So check back in and I'll share, but I may have to tease and say they only have 4 cups of chocolate in them...
Have a great night all!!
Laugh everyday...even if it's at yourself! Ah my life!



  1. Looking forward to the brownie recipe, 'tis the season for fat pants LOL!!!

  2. Why, oh why, does everything seem to go wrong when we are in a hurry?!? I find myself constantly dropping things when I try to hurry...
    Can't wait for the brownie recipe! :)

  3. As I was reading this, I thought to myself...that other person in the parking lot of the post office also forgot that Monday was a holiday! They're hoping you didn't see them there! :) The brownies sound delicious!

  4. This sounds like a typical day for me. As a drive down the road to head to town and I haven't turned around yet I wonder what I have missed. Usual I am turning around because I always forget something. To not forget something is rare. Yes, one must laugh. That is the only sane thing to do.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. LOL!! I've had those days! :)