Tuesday, October 16, 2012



I'm going to start a new label. Or new category or posts, or whatever you want to call it. Once in a while I'll share some things with you that I do myself. It's DIY. Do It Yourself. I thought it would be fun!
SO here is my first post on that! What is it? Looks like you could eat it. But I wouldn't recommend that. I mean you could.. anyways
It's homemade potpourri for the stove. When I found it on Pinterest it was for the stove top, but I just throw it on the stove boil the water, and put it on my wood stove. That way I'm not running my stove all day.
All it is is half a pot of water, some cranberries, orange slices, lemon, and a little cinnamon. I used ground because I didn't have any sticks. But I'll be getting some. You can out whatever you want in it, and it makes the house smell good. I think some extract would work too and be a little stronger. But I don't want it overpowering. I boiled it on the stove to get it warm and get the smells working.  It says to only keep it 2 days, and refill the water as needed. Just a thought. I like it and smells great! Let me know if you've tried anything like this and what you like. I'd love  to try it!

Just so you know the month of November is coming and (I know shocking right?!) I'll be doing posts on what I'm thankful for. I've done it in the past and really enjoyed it, and have read about what others are thankful for too. It's fun. I think it's called the "Thankful Challenge" can be one thing a day or more. Depending on what you want to write about. So if your interested please join in the fun. Lots of other blogger's do, so I wanted to encourage you to join. Just a thought!
Have a great day all!


  1. I love this. I have done orange peel and apples when I am drying them. I'll just throw the peepls in a pot and add water and some cinnamon. It lasts quite a whlie. I just add more water and cinnamon.

    And that's a great idea, to do posts about what your thankful for in Nov. I think I might join you on that. I need to really look at what all I have.

  2. Hello. Mmm...bet the house smells wonderful...I've done it with cinammon sticks, cloves, orange peel, star anise....smells yummy...enjoy the post...Blessings Francine.

  3. This sounds divine, but I have soo many candles I just burn them, I don't have a wood stove like your lucky self ☺

  4. That's fantastic. I save my lemon and orange peels when I just need the juice. I pop them in the freezer, and anytime I want a nice smell, I put them in some water on the wood stove.

    I love the DIY idea. And the Thankful Challenge. Fantastic!

  5. I'll bet the house smelled like the holidays! I wish I had a wood stove but I guess you could use one of those little crock pots. Hmmmm...

  6. What a wonderful aroma! And what a great use of a nice warm surface. I like your ideas so much - we can all benefit from counting our blessings.

  7. I had a friend years ago who did this on their stove. The aroma was AWESOME! I like it too because it's natural! I have to try this soon! And for the DIY idea, and the THANKFUL challenge, this would be FUN! Count me in! Roxie p.s. thanks for all the sweet comments...I do re-purpose many of my finds(as shown on past posts)-some I leave as-is and sometimes my friends want them! There is something about the "thrill" of the hunt! Have a Blessed weekend!