Wednesday, October 3, 2012

whats cooking in my kitchen

Been a while since I put any cooking on here. And I'm sure you don't want any more pics of my mug on here either!! Besides cooking is so much fun this time of year!! At least for me. It's time for soups, roasts, casseroles, and lots of pie!!! Warm foods. Comfort foods. It's also time for me to start working out again after all this comfort food!
And speaking of soups that is what I'm posting today. It's called Autumn Soup, actually it's stew, but I'm weird and I don't like the word stew. I told you I was weird.
And speaking of autumn...

 Some trees across the street from my house. I don't have trees around me. I have wide open spaces! Ah I love that! It's one of the only good pics of have of "leaf peeping" so far. We were out and about and I forgot the camera. Maybe next time, if the rain we are getting doesn't take them all down. Whaaaaaaa. I hope it doesn't. My camera doesn't do it justice of the colors.
I know a bit of a bunny trail there. Back on track if your still with me!
 Here's the soup!

It's soooooooo easy. I'm going to have one of my kiddos make it next time. I've made it 1000 times before. I'm thinking about canning some without the hamburg in it next year. Oh man I'm already making plans for canning. Somebody stop me! I haven't even finished canning stuff this year!!!

SO here's the recipe if yer so inclimed to want it. The pic isn't that great, but it's the best one I got! Well here is how I made this. Feel free to add more stuff and adjust it to your taste!

Autumn Soup
Fry 1lb hamburg with onion and garlic. When it's cooked add some salt, pepper and basil. (To taste)
Boil about 1 cup ( I used way more) potatoes til fork tender. Don't over cook them.
In a big ole pot dump 3 C water, 1 Qt canned tomatoes, 1 Qt carrots, 1 chicken boullion cube, about 1C chopped celery, and 1 bay leaf (remove before you eat it).
When potatoes are done, drain and dump in the pot. Add hamburg. Stir. Adjust seasonings to your liking. Let sit on you stove to simmer and continue to cook potatoes.
Serve with pop overs or whatever you like for bread, or not!!  And pie for dessert! Don't forget the pie.

Simple, easy and tastes good too!
Let me know if you added more stuff to it and how it tasted, if ya want to!!
Have a great night all!


  1. I'm soooo ready for soups and stews and PIE but it's still in the 90s here this week! :(

  2. Hello, mmmm smells so yummy, I have my bowl ready, tee hee. I`m so ready for comfort food, was a long hot and dry summer, ready for some crisp Fall weather. Love the Fall picture, so pretty. Blessings Francine.

  3. Looks good! We are going to have a cold front this weekend and I have been craving chili, but after that I'm going to make this. Thanks for sharing your recipes ☺

  4. You won Day #2 of my giveaway! But I need your mailing address to send you the book, you Domestic Goddess, you...