Saturday, October 20, 2012

what's cooking in my kichen

Oh these are sooooooo good!!! I told you some recipes were coming!!
And surprise, surprise I found them on pinterest. I've found a number of recipes on there lately that are really good. I've recently decided that there is not enough paper and ink to support my habit of finding and trying new recipes. No I don't have one of those phones that I can have in my kitchen and just use that as the recipe. I have to copy it and then cook it. And then if I didn't copy it I'd never find it again. Horrors!!! Oh I shudder to think of such things. So what new thing did I find?

 No it's not corn bread. Although in this picture it really does look like it.
It's pancakes. Called Pancake Squares. What? You ask. Baked, not fried! OMW!!! I wonder where these amazingly good and easy things have been all my life. Waiting for me on pinterest is where! The blop of butter is there for looks. Honest. I made a double batch in a 9x13, and they were all but gone. The kiddos devoured them. OK I helped!!
So much quicker then the fried ones, and it allowed me to pop them in the oven and go finish up chores while they cooked. Sweet!
They taste very much like a fried pancake too without all the work!

OK now if you want to get a little crazy like me... make these...

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!

Oh would you look at that!!!
It's another wonderful pancake!!  Baked. These are amazing and take the pancake to a new level of wonderfulness! I helped devour these bad boys too!

Now how do you make these? And I do recommend them!
 Simple, easy, and amazing!

Make your batter. Dump it into a greased pan. Bake it and eat with butter and maple syrup. See top picture. But if you want the Cinnamon Roll ones this is how!!! Below.

If your making the Cinnamon Roll pancakes make the cinnamon part and swirl it into the dough.  Pretend I didn't cut the hole in the bag too big and it just came oozing out  all over the place and it's swirled around there like a cinnamon roll should look. OK.

 Make the drizzling sauce for the cinnamon rolls and drizzle on top when cooked.

Now here is the recipes:
Pancake Squares
3/4 C milk
1 egg
1 C flour
1/4 t salt
2 T melted butter
1 T sugar
2 t baking powder
Mix dry, mix wet, and don't over mix!
Preheat oven to 350. Grease 8x8 pan.
Bake about 20-25 minutes or until stick comes out clean!! Serve with butter and maple syrup.

Now go crazy and make these!!!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
11/2 C milk
2 eggs
2 C flour
4 T melted butter
2 T sugar
4 t baking powder
Mix wet, mix dry, but don't over mix. Grease a jelly roll pan. Dump in the dough. Then make the filling.

 4 T melted butter
2 T cinnamon
3/4 C brown sugar
Mix it. Put in a bag, cut a small hole . Swirl around the pancakes, the way a cinnamon roll looks.. Should make 12 "pancakes"
 Pop on the oven preheated at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Or until stick comes out clean.
While it's cooking make the drizzle for the top!!

2 oz soft cream cheese
2 T maple syrup
1 C powdered sugar
Add enough milk to make it drizzle. I used 2 T.
Drizzle on top of warm pancakes and eat them right up!! Amazing!!!
Have a great day all!


  1. Good Evening...yum yum....guess what we will be having tomorrow morning????Thanks Francine.

  2. I am soooo making these for tomorrow's breakfast!!!!

  3. Those are so totally AMAZING! I love anything that saves time and tastes delicious!! The cinnamon pancakes looking like cinnamon rolls only better! Lucky kiddos!

  4. You have been a busy girl and I'll bet your home smells wonderful. There is nothing quite so nice as the smell of comfort food.

    In regard to the comment you left on my gourd art:

    Nothing wrong with pumpkins pies . . . yummy . . . you can't eat my silly old gourd :)
    Have a wonderful autumn day!
    Your blogging sister Connie :)

  5. I avoid Pinterest like the plague, because I don't need yet ANOTHER reason to be on the computer all the time, so thank you for finding this amazing idea! Who would've thunk it, baked pancakes!! I will definitely be doing this sometime soon!! :)

  6. That is a fantastic idea, especially when there is a crowd and everyone wants hot pancakes. Have you ever put chopped cranberries in you pancakes. Super delish.

  7. Yummy!
    I'll be right over... you are cooking up some delicious Fall food in your kitchen **grin*
    Thanks for sharing the recipes.

    I've been looking for the PERFECT bisquit recipe on Pinterest... so far, we've had some tasty biquits, but not perfect :)

  8. Guess what I'm cooking for breakfast tomorrow? These look so yummy, I can't wait to give them a try. Hmmm, maybe for dinner instead? lol Wouldn't the kids love that!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I've loving browsing through your blog and am so happy to have stumbled upon it : )