Wednesday, August 1, 2012

you asked for it

Now I'm so happy that my garden is FINALLY producing something!! Now I can get busy canning. With all the rain and cold we had to start the season I feel like I'm behind. I kinda am. I'm usually canning beans by now, and I have yet to fire up my canner:( I know they are coming because I weeded and picked beans the other morning, but they went to the pigs. I got maybe 1 quart outta all my beans. The pigs liked them. Oh well. I have a feeling I'll have so much to can in a few weeks I'll be crazy! I say that every year and I get it done. I get a little grayer every year. Hahahaha, thank goodness for hair dye, and a fabulous salon I go to! But check this out!!!

I can't lay claim to the amazing tomatoes. Mine are still green. But they are native to Maine, and local, so they count in my book. Besides I currently have 36 cups of summer squash in my freezer. I'm going to make soup starter. I made it last year and we love it!!!!  I'll show you, don't worry! ha
But someone did ask if I would share my garlic dill pickle recipe. I believe it was Kelly. Now I'm gonna pause and see if I can be techno savvy and post it here... Nope no idea how to do that. Any tips? I'm not computer savvy. I can hear my sister laughing at me now. I'm sure she can picture me sitting here trying to figure it out!! Anyways
I made Garlic Dill Pickles this afternoon. Oh how I love these! Now lets make pickles...

Disclaimer... Can at your own risk! I've done it for years and have never had a problem. Know what your doing before you get started! Save money and eat healthier.

 The obvious...
 Pickling Spice wrapped in cheese cloth

Water, cider vinegar and salt. I use sea salt, in case you didn't get that by the picture. I've never used canning salt.
 Oh yummy! Garlic and fresh dill. Nope not grown at my house. Both are local. Someday when my husband doesn't till my garlic in and my animals don't eat all my herb garden stuff... oh never mind..don't ask.

 Alum. Keeps 'em crunchy. Throw it all in a jar. I've got some from last year and they are still crunchy.

Boil the water, salt, and vinegar. Throw in the pickling spice and boil it for 10 min.

Put your hot lids,and screw cover on, and cover with a towel. Listen to the popping sound! It's music to my ears! Wait one very long month before you open them up! Better then store bought!!
3 C Cider vinegar
6.5-7 C water
little less then 1/2 C salt
Put 2 T pickling spice in cheese cloth and put in once everything is boiling. Boil 10 min.
In jars
Fill with cucumbers. Toss in 4 whole garlic cloves, and 2 sprigs of fresh dill. 1/4 t Alum powder.  Pour hot vinegar water over. Seal with hot lids! 1 batch makes about 4 quarts.  Let sit 1 month before eating! Enjoy!
Have a great day!


  1. I am so envious of your tomatoes! I have tons, but they're still green. I'm bookmarking that pickle recipe to use after I eat the 200 quarts of pickles I made two years ago....

  2. Looks like you are going to have some wonderful summer's bounty to enjoy this Winter!
    Looks like a great recipe for pickles also.
    That's one thing I've yet to can. Mostly because we only go through a bottle of pickles once every 3 months~~~LOL!

    We too struggled with our veggie gardens this year. They froze four times!!
    Yet.. by some small miracle.. we have been able to harvest squash, peppers, and were even lucky enough to pick one ripe tomato.
    Hope the others ripen too!


  3. Your pickles are beautiful! I know, it is sooo hard to wait a month for them to be ready. I never use pickling salt either, just sea salt like you. I'm looking forward to the soup starter! :)

  4. I'm so excited for you and your garden! You are going to be busy, busy, busy! I am in between my summer and fall garden right now, yesterday was 117* so I am holding off on planting anything new. I do have cucumbers growing so thank you so much for the recipe! I need to find some fresh dill and I am going to make these!

  5. I feel better knowing someone else had bean trouble. I got enough yellows to freeze 4 qts but the greens were a total loss.