Monday, August 20, 2012

pig update

I ended up with 14 quarts of Garlic Dill pickles, 3 quarts bread and butter and 2 quarts of a kind I've never made called ripe cucumber pickles. The recipe came from my aunt.

But on with what I wanted to post.
 Pigs. Oh how I just love these pigs. I think I may have a hard time sending them off. They have got to be the funniest critters ever! They love to be scratched, and will come running to me when I call them. I think I must be the food wagon, so it never fails for them to come to me. We have them outside in a hot fenced area, and they don't like that hot fence, and have not gotten far so good! They will sit down and grunt, squeal and bark at me while I get their food ready for them. Then jump into the barn and squeal at me and jump back out when I call them. Then they dig in with wild abandon pushing and shoving each other around! If I go in the pen to move something or get their water bucket they come over to see if I have something better to offer them then their food they are eating.
I like to watch them dig their noses in the ground and the sprawl out on their bellies and groan with pleasure as they sink down in the cool earth. It's been dry, except with the rain we got the other day, but the pigs don't seem to mind the extra mud they have to lay in. Either that or the water buckets that they climb into and spill  all over the place.  When I sit outside I can hear them snoring, at least that is what it sounds like they are doing. And when they hear my voice they jump up and squeal! As if to say "She's coming! It's time to eat!"
 I'm telling you what, I just love these pigs! I've never raised them before and it's been fun. I will miss them when they are gone for sure.

 Enjoying some beet greens.

He wanted to say hello!
How cute are they?!


  1. Oh.. they are so cute!
    I can understand why it would be hard for you to say 'goodbye'.

    We cannot have pigs in the city proper (which is pretty funny... since we live completely in the country, and all the properties are large enough) but just a couple country blocks away, there is a farmer that raises pigs.
    I love to see the new baby pigs... pink ones, white ones.. and those little brown pigs.. too cute!

    Thanks for this fun post!

    Smiles :)

  2. Those pigs are cute! I love their tails ☺

  3. Those are cute pigs. I have been thinking about getting a few again. They are not fun after awhile for me though. I have to figure out where to put them if I do get some. But I sure do love bacon!!