Saturday, August 18, 2012

the month of august, so far

I realize my posts are far and few between this month. There is a reason. It's simple really. I call it life!
 I've been chained to my kitchen stove. haha Canning season is here for me finally. I was up canning one night, er rather morning until 1am when I finally crawled into bed. I'm finally done making pickles. I've never had so many! I may end up with a few tomatoes. Not only are my chickens eating them, but now I've got horn worms. Awesome. So I went and ordered two bushels of tomatoes, local folks. Gotta do something. I had the kitchen full of produce, and canning jars. No table, floor, and counter space for anything! I've since cleaned it up and put things away. I still have jars in the kitchen waiting name it!
We got some rain one day, all day..about 7 inches! The next day was nice and sunny and the land was dry! Oh it's dry here. Now today it's raining off and on. No picking beans today, maybe tomorrow, or Monday.
There was one week I went to town just about everyday. Not fun for me. Then one day I left home at 8:20am and didn't get home until 4ish. Driving all over the place.
The kiddos school portfolios are done, and they passed! Yay! School books are all ordered and on there way to me! Plan to start soon...
My husband has been busy with work as well. Now he's got some wheat, and oats to combine! We didn't grow it. But we get to keep some of it! He's excited to be able to do this too. Something he enjoys doing.
I swear with all the heat we've had this summer my kiddos have grown a foot each! Not to mention how their shoes no longer fit them,  they run around barefoot all summer long. When we leave the house I make sure they have flip flops to put on to go into the stores. What a chore they think! Shoes! I remember being the same way though, now the thought of going bare foot makes my feet hurt!  I notice how tall they are when my oldest two give me hugs. They are almost as tall as me. Sniff sniff. And the youngest two are in a race to see who can be taller. My baby is quickly catching up to her older sister...and has definitely lost the "baby" look of her this summer. Sniff sniff. Oh how fast it goes by, and wish they could just be little again. I didn't see it when they were all little, but now, oh how I see how fast childhood slips away, and now they are growing and becoming some amazing young people! I'm a proud mama for sure!
The critters keep me busy too. When it's so hot they drink a lot of water, as you all know. Just regular stuff you know. Nothing new there really.
The laundry continues to be going...everyday. 
How about your month of August?


  1. It is definitely a busy time of year! I'm still hoping to get enough tomatoes to can some but not yet. It has been hot, hot, hot here but we are finally getting a break for the next few days. Enjoy those kids while you can, they grow up soooo fast! :)

  2. Also very busy! THis is a busy time of year, for sure, but it's good. Very good.

    I agree with Candy. Enjoy your kids! They grow up when you're not looking. Mine do the same.

  3. I've been busy getting the girls back to school, cheer and volleyball practices, keeping up with the animals in this heat, and trying to keep what little garden I have left alive! I also need to plan my youngest daughters birthday (which is always a huge party) and plant my fall garden ☺

  4. Oh it is a busy time of year!
    My month has been just about like yours... with the exception of the kids growing like weeds. Ours are already done growing ~~~LOL!

    Enjoy this last bit of summer :)


  5. Oh my gosh! How many pickles did you can??? Two bushels of tomatoes will keep you busy -- I'm glad you got rain and I can remember hating to go buy shoes at the end of the summer. It was so much more fun to just run around barefoot.

  6. I can relate to the thought about your kids growing up. I used to be able to hold my twins in one in each arm and they felt like feathers. Now they are both 10 and have developed the classic pre-teenager attitudes. Where did the time go?