Wednesday, August 22, 2012

bountiful and thankful

I can go from nothing to OMW!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at what I mean!

 This is the biggest melon we have ever grown!! Whoot whoot!!We have a couple more, but not this size. I hope to pick them and eat them. All warm and yummy and juicy!!! Oh ya I'm into it!
The best way to grow melons, in  Maine, is black plastic and mulch, they like peat moss. I didn't know I do and will try that next year. But they did grow on black plastic. So I guess one outta two isn't bad. It usually isn't warm enough long enough here. But this summer...

I moved some weeds. OK, I hauled out a bunch of them and low and behold I have a pepper plant growing in the melon patch! I'm not sure how that happened.  I have 9 pepper plants I think. This is the only pepper I've yet to find. This is the first year I planted peppers.

We like beets around here. Harvard beets or pickled. With this years crop I plant to make only pickled.

Now try not to drool all over the tomatoes. Hehehe, naw just kidding I'm trying not to drool all over the tomatoes. Really. I didn't grow these beauties. A fellow down the road did. We bartered for them. Shhhh don't tell anyone! bhahaha
I won't beat a dead horse with the whoos of my tomato plants...again... but I can lay claim to the rest of the produce in the picture! Yup all from my garden. I'm pleased with what I got.
 My green beans are a flop this year too. Just when I was thinking I wasn't going to get any beans this year my neighbor came over and said I could go pick his, he had tons. So I ended up going over and picking his. Then my SIL said I could pick her beans, because she had enough. So I did! So I'm thankful for the beans I got.
So thankful for it all actually!
SO now tomorrow I'll be chained to my kitchen and stove, canning!!
What about ya'll? What's going on with your gardens? Any flops for anyone else, or just me?


  1. You have tomato flops too?! I cannot. I repeat CANNOT grow nice tomatoes. Who ever heard of such a thing?!

    Right now in my garden I'm growing LOTS of weeds, and some yummy lima beans. We love limas. They're a pain to shell (I found a mechanical sheller close by...yay!) but so worth it when we eat them, cooked and served with milk and butter!

    Happy canning tomorrow!

  2. My second planting of cucumbers it doing great! I just planted green beans, tomatoes, and onions for the fall garden. My pumpkins are looking healthier (I've been battling squash bugs :p) My pepper plants didn't do well at all because of the extreme heat and no rain but they are blooming again so maybe this time ☺ I still need to fence my raised beds and plant some more fall veggies, maybe this weekend! Have fun canning!!!

  3. Good deal on getting all those beans and tomatoes!
    I only have TWO cantaloupes, maybe because I only have two plants. I really thought they would produce more than one per plant though! LOL!!

  4. I used to make soup starter. But I haven't made any in several years. It sure is pretty.

    I have been planting more beans and squash, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, carrots, peas, turnip and collard greens and radishes. I am going to be tilling more today and planting lots more. I am excited about this fall planting.