Monday, August 27, 2012

Christmas in august

Oh boy do I have some stuff coming your way.
 I have been up to my eyeballs canning...lots of canning past weekend...
 But while I was chained to my kitchen I heard some noises outside and some hysterical laughing too. So I grabbed my camera and went to investigate the noise. I mean I always try to grab my camera when I hear laughter like that. You never know what you may find...and this is what I saw to my delight and surprise...

no snow, no water? No problem. This is how we do it in the country!
Have a great Monday all!


  1. Too cute!!! Looks like they are having a ball! My husband built my little girl a covered wagon this weekend. She adores it and drives him nuts wanting to be pulled up and down the road ☺

  2. How fun! I wish I had been there! :)

  3. THAT looks like so much fun!!
    The perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

    Enjoy these last days of summer.

    Smiles :)