Monday, June 11, 2012

what's cooking in my kitchen

OK, so this is the last of the cooking pictures for a while. Maybe... I've had three in a row, but wanted to share what I'd made recently. So this is what we had for supper one night.
PW's Parmesan Chicken. Very, very yummy!! Highly recommend it.
SO here 'tis
It's a bit time consuming to do all the steps. But..if you have time it's worth it!
First you pound down the breast meat, then bread and fry them.
 Cook down the sauce. It's more of a marinara sauce, then spaghetti sauce.

PW keeps it in the pan she fried the chicken in, but mine isn't big enough, so I had to bake it for a while. I think my breast's were still a bit thick, and took a little longer to cook.

Here's the Parmesan Chicken all cooked with the cheese on top. Make sure you put the cheese on when it's all cooked, or you'll burn it. I know because I've done that on other food I've cooked with cheese on top.
I didn't show the whole thing put together because I was too busy shoveling it in my mouth!!

Now because this day is so beautiful and I've been so productive on this sunny Monday I'm gonna make a cup of iced coffee and go sit in the sun and watch the kiddos play for a while!!
Have a great day all!!


  1. Yummy looking recipe!
    I love when you post recipes..... don't stop!

    Wish it was warm enough here to sit in the sunshine. Hopefully soon ... I'm beginning to feel like an Eskimo :)

    Catch ya later...

  2. Looks VERY good! I love Parmesan Chicken and I love all of PW's recipes, haven't made a bad one yet! :)