Tuesday, June 26, 2012

brooklyn s'mores

I have a friend that lives in Brooklyn New York. They came to the farm for a visit. I had really wanted a fire pit that night and make s'mores and chat, well it was way too windy, and fire would have blown all of the place. Not cool. The kiddos had heard the word s'mores and didn't let up. So my friend showed me how they do it in Brooklyn! Then the other night we had my SIL and family over for s'mores. But it got rained out. I had it in my head that nothing but s'mores would taste good. SO we did it Brooklyn style!
Here's how you do it!

 The brown marshmallows have coconut on them.

So next time your fire pit gets rained out and you have a hankerin for s'mores just turn on your gas stove, and make 'em! Also Reese's PB cups are amazing on them if you didn't already know!!!
Have a great day!!!


  1. Now THAT is ingenuity!

  2. ahhh...but what if you only have an electric stove? And a fake gas fireplace? Boo.
    Guess that's where the microwave comes in. The marshmallows don't get toasty, but at least they'll be hot and soft.
    LOVE the Reese's idea....never tried that yet.

  3. That's cool! I've never tried it with the peanut butter cups either. I'll have to have a go! Looks delicious.

  4. Peanut butter cups sounds yummy!!!

  5. Yum! I love s'mores! Good idea they had.

  6. We don't have a gas stove, but we do have a microwave. It works if you really need a fix (and I do, sometimes. Can't beat s'mores). Gotta be careful the marshmallow doesn't blow up all over the place, though. It's an art form. :)

    1. Jocelyn, my luck it would blow up in the microwave. I've never tried it that way.

  7. This is a great idea! I gave my old toaster oven to my boys to play with (my smore maker) so I'll have to use my stove. New to your blog--thanks for sharing about your life!