Friday, June 29, 2012

this little piggie

cried weee weeee weee all the way home!
We got our pigs yesterday! My husband greeted me when he got out of the car, he oinked at me and said "I like pigs," With a smile on his handsome face. I laughed and kissed him. 
 I didn't get any pics yesterday, I was too busy doing chores so my husband could fix their pig pen, and then we were off to a birthday party. They are in T.O's stall and it needed some holes fixed that a pig could get out, but not a horse. I'm so happy to have them here. This is the first time we have pigs ON our farm!! We've had them before, but over at my in-laws, and I rarely went to see them, the pigs not my in-laws! We will be keeping strict records on them too, basically how much they eat. In a few weeks they will be going outside once they are settled and know that the barn is home. I really don't want to have to chase pigs, but I might end up doing just that. I'll post it if I do, because I'm sure it would be funny. It's OK I can laugh at myself. I do it so often ya know.
But this am I took a couple pics. "Here piggy piggy!!"

 The kiddos want to play ball with them. Aren't they cute?! Three boys and one girl, I think.  I like pigs. I can't get attached to them though. I plan on eating one of them this winter, and the rest are sold. I can give them the best life a pig could want though. Room to play, water, grain, scraps, milk, shelter, and some affection.

Here they are eating their breakfast this morning. We need a bigger bucket. And I quickly moved the bucket away from the wall. They tend to push and shove each other and are all over the place while eating. SO the wall is not ideal to put the food bucket. Lesson one learned real fast for me this am. First time I've fed pigs!
Have a great day all. I've got a gazzllion things to do today and need to get at it!!


  1. They are so cute at that age - I love the balls in with them. Might as well enjoy it now, before they grow a little too large to play with. I love pigs, too.

  2. We haven't had pigs here yet. They are cute, though. Do they play ball?

  3. Awesome!
    What kind are they?
    I'm so interested in pigs... but we will never raise any here.
    It's not allowed inside city limits.
    Which is pretty laughable... since we live in the country, and our town has less than 1000 residents, AND everyone has farm ground... sheesh.

    I can understand you not wanting to get too attached to the bacon that will fill your freezer~~~LOL!

    Happy pig farming :)

    Smiles :)

  4. Your piggies are so cute! I have been going through your blog and looking at all your beautiful animals. Your home is perfect, what a marvelous place to raise a family. I've lived in the country, but never on a farm, but I have dreamed of having a small farm forever. I'm so happy for you and your husband and for the life style you have choose. I hope you don't mind if I follow along and enjoy farming from my home in a neighborhood on the outskirts of a small Pacific Northwest town. I am your newest follower, please accept my warm invitation to visit and hopefully to follow m, too. Connie :)

  5. How cute! Sounds like the kids are enjoying them!Congratulation!!!

  6. Keep us informed! I'm sure you'll have a few stories on these little fellows! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

  7. Jocelyn- They do try to bite it and the kiddos are still trying to get them to play ball with them.

    Kerin- The are Hampshires. Stupid city limits!! haha

    Connie-Welcome to the farm! Thanks for stopping by and reading about us, and following along.

    Kelly- The kiddos are out there with them all the time! I have to tell them to let them sleep, they are babies!

    Sweetvintage-I'll keep you posted on how they are doing!

  8. Hi, I was so happy to see you visiting my blog and even happier that you are following. Yea! Your daughter's skirts sound so cute, you will have to post a photo. As you can tell by my photo I like cowgirl stuff. I play and sing, with a group that dresses cowboy so I started getting into the look. I discovered that if you get a good fitting pair of cowboy boots they can be very comfortable . . . this surprised me. Thanks again for following, it is going to be fun watching your little piggies grow and viewing all the gorgeous photos of your farm. Have a wonderful 4th of July, Connie :)

  9. How fun! They are so cute looking! Glad the kiddo's are having such a ball ( ha! )

  10. Those are the kind I like. They are cute at that age but not for very long! I want to see how you think about them in a few months! Bacon anyone?