Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hooorha!! i have onions!!!

Yup I do. I just love onions too, even though my family tends to poo poo them. But I'm the cook so I put them in everything! Brwhahahah! Evil I tell you.  hehe
I've been busy cleaning my house. Gotta "catch" up after a long year of home schooling. So much to do. Organize, rearrange clothing now that summer seems to be here... I hope. Moving things around and my favorite part, purging!!! Oh how I love to get rid of stuff!! I hate stuff. Too many times that's all it is, just stuff, and it needs to get out of my space. I wonder where it comes from too, because I have no idea. We have a society of stuff. Gotta have stuff, when we really don't. It clogs up your life and your space. Space I would rather just have empty space. I mean look at all the self storage places, people have clogged up their space and need to rent more space. I'll get off my soapbox now.
Now what does all this have to do with onions? Well I needed a break from cleaning, and I went out to see my gardens! Apparently onions LOVE water. At one point they were literally under water, and I thought, well there goes that. We had lots of rain. Well now we've had some really nice weather and my goodness the onions have just taken off, even when they were under water. Just happy as could be. I was told by a friend of mine that onions do like water, and I would agree with that. Learn something new everyday.
See... I know kinda bleary, poor ole camera...

They are huge! The soil is still wet from the rain and kinda packed down. And the weeds are still alive too. They live no matter what!
I also have  about 10-11 bean plants that are up. hahaha, don't laugh! Not nearly enough. They don't like the water as much. My peppers and tomatoes wellllllllllllllllll we shall have to wait and see how they do. Gotta get some fish emulsion on them and hopefully they start to look better. Everything else is ok, but need to replant some things. Oh well. Everything is not a total loss and for that I'm thankful! There is still time. So need to get that done!
and the house work... Gah! 
Have a great day all!


  1. I totally agree with you on the "stuff". I am going to go through every room in my house and if it's not useful or used it's out of here! Your garden looks good ☺

  2. "At one point they were literally under water, and I thought, well there goes that" Ha!! You made me laugh. That's exactly something I would have said.

    Congrats on your onions. And fish emulsion rocks. It's the only "fertilizer" I use on anything around here. Wednesday is low tide day at Chicken Scratch, no matter what. Gotta love that smell (not!)!

  3. Glad your onions are up! My beans are coming up better now but I'm worried about my corn. A few sprouts are up and the tomatoes look GREAT! Sunflowers are sparse too (don't know what happened?) Anyway....Lets HOPE for the BEST! from one sweetie to another...Roxie Happy Gardening!

  4. Your onions are looking VERY happy with all your rain! :)
    Don't even get me started about "stuff!" When did "He who dies with the most toys wins" become something to strive for?!?

  5. I love onions, too! I put in three rows and I hope it will be enough - for little ole' me! Ditto with the bean plants. Can you ever plant enough of them? Hope this is a good season for us all.

  6. Yum! I bet your onions are going to be delicious.