Thursday, June 21, 2012

more haying

You guys are gonna get sick of reading about haying!
Yesterday was in the 90's and the three H's. Hazy, hot and humid. We had more hay to get done. So that is what we did later in the day. I threw bales on the wagon while my husband finished baling, my FIL brought over his jeep to pull the hay wagon and drove that. Then I had to stack the hay I threw on the wagon. I'm not the best stacker in the world. But I'm better then I was last year. I didn't loose any bales! It was hot. I was covered in sweat and hay chafe, and my jeans and tank top were sticking to me. Don't ever do hay in shorts. Yikes, that hurts! Done it once the first time I ever hayed, back when I was a teen. My legs were scared and full of hay splinters. OUCH. Anyways... Once my husband was done baling he got on the wagon and stacked. I threw the bales up to him. It's a better workout then any gym. My arms are stronger now then ever. I've got milking, cleaning stalls, throwing hay, and lugging water, under my belt. Plus all winter I worked out at home. Had to keep in shape for the summer and give me something to do. I slept really well last night too. My husband told me I snored!! OMW! I must have been tired. I don't snore. Neither does he, unless he's really tired! I'm so glad!
We have over 300 bales of hay in the barn now. We are well on our way to having enough for the winter. I think we need 600. One field is done, and now growing for second crop. We like to feed the cows second crop. We have another field to do, but may have to hire to have it cut. It's thicker then the one we did. I'm so happy to get this done. It's earlier then last year. And the hay looks so good!

 Hard to tell how green it is. The glare of the sun was bad, and I couldn't see what I was looking at. I just pointed and shot. But it's nice and green!

We don't have a "hopper" as my son calls it. So we do it the hard way and drop it on the ground and then go around and pick it up. I throw it! Hard work.
 My man getting ready to jump off the wagon. I tried to get him stacking, but didn't. I needed pictures and he wanted to get it done!
My boys.

Have a great day all!


  1. You had a work out for sure. Bucking hay bales is hard work. The chaff is the worst. I've had it rub me raw where it has stuck to my arms from the sweat. YUCK!! That's a definite NO on shorts too. Good work!! Looks great.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  2. Wow! That's alot of hay!!!! I bet you were tired!!!

  3. great shot of you ahem, MEN on the last one!

  4. Boy, that is hard work! I doubt if I could keep up with you all. And that looks like might fine hay.

  5. Your hay looks great! I recommend long sleeves when working with the hay too. Kudos on getting so much put up already! :)