Friday, June 22, 2012

and then...

this is what we do...
 load up the poo and...
spread it on the field.
And when I say we, I really mean my husband. He does that. I've never had the chance... We have lots of poo on a farm, but I don't need to tell you farmers that! It's really a wonderful thing!
And you thought this post was gonna be about haying! ha! Tricked ya!
 Oh and I have to show you this...

With some of the hay we left at the farm the kiddos built a little "hay fort." How's that for imagination?! They played there for hours!

And just because she's so dang cute, and getting so dang big...


Have a great day all!


  1. Farm animal poo is a wonderful thing for the fields. Be thankful you don't "get" to deal with the stuff. I'd much rather play in the fort or the sweet little cow.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  2. Aren't manure spreaders a wonderful invention?!? :)
    You are right, Dandie is a cutie and the kids made an awesome fort!

  3. Aw, she's so pretty. How old is she? And I like poo too. My husband thinks I am so crazy when I see a manure pile. I have a friend with horses and in the fall I get a few truckloads of horse poo!!! I am so excited! My garden will be too.