Monday, September 19, 2011

monday confessions

It's been a while since I had one of these so I thought I'd put one together! Here goes!

I too often wear my hair up in a messy ponytail, or clipped up in a hair clip.

Sometimes I let my bangs grow out so they are too long, then I cut them off and then when I'm out and about like miking the cow they are forever in my face, and I can't get them out of my face and I wonder why I cut them, and let them grow out again! I swear it's a vicious circle!!

I hate to dust. I like to have my kiddos help out lots with that chore!

There are days I am so busy I have no idea what it is I've done at the end of the day and it doesn't look like I've done anything, but I'm exhausted. Go figure.

I hate green peppers. The other color peppers are fine, but green, yuck, gag, gross!! I've never liked them. I used to sit beside my mother at supper time and if there were any green peppers I'd put them on her plate. I still will pick out any green peppers that I find laced in my food. I try to avoid ordering anything in restaurants that might have green peppers in them, the taste is just cooked into it and well, yuck.

I've always wanted to go to Texas.

I have days where they start out really good and things are going better then I expected, then there is a hiccup of some sort and that's it. The day is shot, and it just unravels from there.

Have a great Monday!! hahahaha

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