Thursday, September 1, 2011


don't they look amazingly good??

We were blessed with a phone call to get some peaches from a Maine man that grows them! He had a bunch of utility peaches he needed to get rid of and Matthew had called and said if you have a bunch let me know. I was so excited to add them back into my pantry cupboard, I haven't had any for a year or two! I don't think I've ever showed you the wonderful cupboard that Matthew made for me. It's wonderful! Maybe I'll stick one in here.

I love this thing! But I love the man that made it more! I think he's a wonderful carpenter. Pardon my potato bag!

The kiddos love them and what a treat! These peaches are amazing. Really amazing. Super sweet, juicy run down your face and make a sticky, sweet mess all over your face, wonderful! The way a peach is supposed to taste. Not the yucky ones at the store that never ripen and are hard and then just turn to moosh and have no flavor. Anyways...
Matthew came home with 130 pounds of peaches. Now before y'all faint and think I had them all, although I would have happily kept them if they were all mine, but my MIL and SIL wanted some too. So we took what was ours about 60 pounds and I began working on them. They were really ready for canning. My kiddos happily eat a bunch before I said no more before you get... you know. I  am quite happy with what I got canned. Will be nice this winter to change things up with peaches, pears, and applesauce with breakfast.
I don't add any sugar to the water when I can them either. I actually saved the juice I got while peeling and pitting them and dumped it  into the jars. I think that will add a nice sweetness to them. Everyone likes pear juice so I figure they will like peach juice too.

here's 60 lbs of peaches
here they are canned!

Have a great day!

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  1. Looks Delicious! Your cupboard is really cool too! - Kelly's Adv in KY.