Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I made some ketchup. Then fed it to the pigs. Smelled good, but was hot, hot, hot! Guess I put too much something in it. Must have been the jalapeno or the Cheyenne pepper. Oh well, maybe my pigs got indigestion from it!! haha. The flavor was nothing like what I like for ketchup either. I'm a total ketchup snob, I love Heinz Organic. I spoiled myself and that is what I buy. I would always love the ketchup at the restaurants better then the stuff I had at home. Then I found out why. The restaurants use Heinz. Awesome. Now I use it. When they came out with the organic I thought great, now I need that one. So now I'll be trying a new ketchup recipe, and when I go shopping, again I'll get the new ingredients that I need to make it. And I'll let you know how that tastes. I deleted the pics and wouldn't share the recipe or tell you where I found it. I wasn't impressed. I hated to dump it, but chalk it up to plastic fried zucchini!
When I went shopping I got some lemon juice to put in my tomato juice I would like to try making. I just don't have lots of tomatoes to be experimenting with and there are not lots to be found.
I also found

TANG! I hadn't thought of Tang in oh I don't know since I was a kid. Then last week while I was mowing the lawn it popped into my head. I know, it's amazing what I think about while I mow. So I was looking for it when I went shopping and ta-da! I found it! I was excited that they still made it, I think I may be dating myself and sounding older then I really am, but anyways... I made some today for the kiddos to try. I don't usually like to buy sugar sweet things like powdered drinks, but I couldn't help myself. I even had to have some, and it tastes like I remember. I didn't make it overly sweet either. I don't remember having it often when I was a kid, and it was a treat. So maybe I'll keep this as a treat for my kiddos. They thought it was really good! I just love my Kool Aid pitcher that it's in. I had a mason jar one, but broke it and am looking for a new one.

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