Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a good day includes ice cream...

...just ask my family! They'll tell you!!
I had a great day on Sunday. After church we came home and had lunch and one of my sisters and her son came over for a visit. We just sat on the couch and talked and giggled, while the kiddos played outside and enjoyed the sunshine. We also enjoyed some yummy treats that she brought and some iced coffee!! I had and still do have a million things to do, but I like to just rest and relax on Sunday, whenever possible. Living on a farm in the summer, or any other time of year, you don't always get that day off. Much as it would be nice. Animals and chores still need to be done two times a day. Anyways...
We decided that since it was the last day that an ice cream shop was going to be open we'd surprise the kiddos and take them down to have ice cream for supper that night. It's down on a lake and it was so nice to sit and eat and watch the kiddos run around the edge of the water. Even if the wind was really blowing and I ate some of my hair with my fries because it was blowing around so much it got in my mouth. I know it was my hair. It was a huge hit, the ice cream not the hair in my mouth!!. I had french fries and my sister had onion rings, but we shared them. I thought it was a bit too windy and cold to eat ice cream, but Matthew and the kiddos didn't. Then we went for a walk in the woods. My sister is not a farmer or much for wanting to walk in the woods, especially in her flip flops. She is the one sister that is a town/city gal. She loves to come to the farm and see the animals and us and is willing to help, but she doesn't want to live on a farm, it's not for everyone. I still love to tease her about being a city girl!! haha sorry sis, but it's true!!  She's a good sport, and had fun getting mud on her feet and squished between her toes!! She said she'd have to bring multiple pairs of shoes when she comes from now on! The boys were running way ahead of us on the trail and Little Matt knew his way around and was able to go through the woods and come back to us. I was so proud of him. Me? I would get lost a hurry. All the trees look the same to me, and the paths do too. Guess maybe if I went down there more I could tell my way around. Yeah that's it!!  The woods we went to are ours. We have a wood lot and get our fire wood there! It's great having a wood lot!
We made it back safe and sound and my sister only had a little bit of mud on her feet and flip flops! We all had a nice walk, and it wasn't nearly as windy in the woods as down on the lake. The kiddos were thrilled they got to have ice cream for supper at the ice cream shop, and a walk in the woods!
Here are some pictures of our fun! Enjoy! I know we did!!

Ice cream always tastes better on the water!
my girl caught a frog. she was very pleased too!

No I really don't have a fedish with mushrooms. I just thought they were pretty!

my sister. kiddos moving branches out of the path!

this little critter wanted a free ride on my leg. i flung him off and left him in the woods!

a beautiful sunset. this picture doesn't do it justice to how beautiful and brightly colored it was.
 Have a great day all!!


  1. If I'm not mistaken, that little critter on your leg could put a hurten to you. If it was what I think it was, they sting!!!!!

    I agree with you, ice cream can make any day better.

  2. How delightful! There sure is something about salty fried foods and ice cream that make it a great match. How fun to have your own woods to go walk through as well! Looks like everyone had a great time! - Kelly's Adv in KY.

  3. Yikes SFG! I didn't know that. We have a white one that makes you break out in hives and really itchy. Didn't know the yellow ones did too. So I'm really glad I killed it now!!