Saturday, September 24, 2011


pears and apples oh my!!

My SIL and I went out to one of my aunts house to pick some. We were just going to get pears, but then they offered the apples and we decided to take them. They'll make good apple cider and maybe a pie or two!!  My aunt has plenty of acres for the kiddos to run around and they had a blast eating pears climbing the trees and watching their crazy aunt or mother shake the trees to get the pears out! We had a rope and a ladder that we used because most of the pears were on the top of the tree. So I climbed the ladder and one of my nieces could get a little higher them me and put the rope around one of the branches. Then with the rope I could really shake the pear tree. Got knocked in the head a few times, and slime down my back once, but it was all fun. I liked watching the kiddos run around laugh and giggle. My boy went with his daddy for the day, so he was not around.

 You can see the hill that they were running up and down. That was just part of the amazing piece of property my aunt and uncle own. It's so quiet and beautiful out there.

 This great grove of trees looked like a great place to take a picture. Look at all those girls.

 Look at this handsome little guy! He's such a cutie! He had the most fun sitting in the boxes throwing the apples and pears out! He got the biggest kick out of that and would laugh as we put them back in the boxes. I wish I had a picture!

 A nice cluster of apples I thought. They are called Johnathan's.

 My uncle couldn't wait to take the kiddos for a ride around on his tractor. They were laughing the whole time. I'm not really sure who was smiling the biggest, my uncle or the kiddos!

A nice looking apple tree. They won't be ready until next month so I didn't pick any.

 Next week my SIL and I will be canning the pears we got. And maybe we'll press some cider some evening with the boys (our husbands) and kiddos! That's always fun too. It's always more fun to harvest and can together with someone and press some cider! Makes the work go faster, and it's always fun to laugh with a friend!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Looks like it was a great time! So many pears!! How nice of your Aunt and Uncle to share :) - Kelly's Adv in Ky.

  2. Kelly's Yes they like to share what they have. They are in their 80's, and no longer really have a need for all kinds of that stuff, but they don''t want it to go to waste, so they share with the ones who like to can and stuff!