Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was gifted some cucumbers from my neighbor, and I had some from our garden. And my boy LOVES pickles. I figured these were the perfect size for pickling, so that is what I did, instead of mowing the lawn today. I got a new recipe for dill pickles, it's actually garlic dill pickles, from a friend, so I decided to try it. I'm never a big fan of mooshy homemade pickles, but this recipe called for Alum, it's supposed to keep them firmer. I never knew that, but now I do! Yay!!

cucumbers and garlic
going in the jars

mmmm fresh dill

Alum sitting in the dill

in the jars with the liquid. Let the pickling begin!
Now I wait about a month before I can crack one open and try them!! My house smells like pickles! My boy will love that, and the fact that we now have some homemade pickles to enjoy! 

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