Tuesday, August 30, 2011

chick update

Our little chicks are doing well. They survived the tropical storm. We locked them in the cow barn. Much to mama's distaste for that. Her nest was behind the barn in the tall grass, not under the barn like we had thought.  So we decided because it made us feel better that they would spend the night in the barn with Maggie. We figured it would be better for them. Although I have to admit that they seem like they are much more hardy then the chicks that we raise from a day old. These guys are out in the rain, wind and it's not 95-100 degrees like the light raised ones are. They are 12 days old according to when we saw them. Maybe 13 if they stayed in their nest for a day. They peck and scratch much more too, looking for bugs and such. Mama hen is doing a great job with them. It's fun to listen to her talk to them. Her tone changes depending on what is going on, and watching them respond accordingly. None of the other hens bother with them anymore either, because mama comes at them!

The rooster is now gone. We gave him to my BIL. He's got some hens and is hoping that one of his hens will sit on some eggs. No more 4:30 am alarm!!! I'm very glad I don't have to listen to him any more too!!! I'm also hoping that some of these chicks are hens! It would be nice if they all were, but I'm not going to hold my breath. So far I think they are going to be nice looking, the way their feathers are coming in. We shall see what the end result of a Silver Laced Whyendott (I know I didn't spell that right. My spell check didn't know what it was either!!) haha and New Hampshire Red looks like. Roosters will have to go, we don't need one through the winter...


  1. I have two roos in my flock of 25 or so. They do actually try to protect their girls. They don't seem to be a bother and as the days shorten, they crow later. Now there is a win win.

  2. Yes, roos do have a place. I didn't mind him too much during the day, but I really didn't appreciate my 4am wake up call! I hope my BIL can get some chicks from him too!