Saturday, August 27, 2011

pigs, pigs, pigs

I just so happen to think that pigs are cute. I like to watch them. I finally got some pictures and my Man got a short video of them and their, well antics! I hope you will take a few minutes to watch our happy pigs munch on some apples we got and some stale bread. They really enjoyed it and the fresh sawdust! I'll post the pictures below!

We were unable to bring the pigs to our house this year. We tried to figure out how we could keep them here and it just didn't going to work out. Lack of a place to house them and fencing to keep them in. They need hot fencing and we just didn't have enough to go around. We had wanted them to be pastured outside and root around like pigs do. They were kept clean in their pig pen and had all natural grain and food scraps. There is also a window in their pen. We were disappointed, but did the best we could to give them a good life. Maybe next year it will be different. They will be going to the butchers in October.

And again the red on one of the pigs is beets, not blood. I have been canning beets this week and the peelings and ends went to the pigs. They loved them!

peek a boo!!
Hope you all have a blessed weekend! I'll be back provided we don't loose power and all that with the storm that is headed our way. One minute it's a hurricane and the next it's a tropical storm. We shall see. But in either case we are ready and have extra water on hand for all the animals. Again we shall see. I'll let you know how things turned out!

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