Friday, October 15, 2010


Ahhh ! What is a farmer to do on a wet, rainy, windy day in the fall?? Me? I choose to can spaghetti sauce, wash, dry, and fold laundry after home school was done for the day!
 Finally I have the last of the tomatoes done! I threw out a dozen or so for the pigs, that were still green or orange and not ready, and not enough to bother saving. All day the house was filled with the wonderful aroma of spaghetti sauce, or at least I think it was. We've all got this miserable head cold going around and I can't smell anything. So very thankful for all the homemade spaghetti sauce. I think it's the best ever, so does my husband, who is not a pasta fan. Now I can get the carrots done, before I start on apple sauce and apple cider! Yummy! Can't wait!
Went to my Mom and Dads yesterday to play in the leaves. They have huge maple trees and tons of leaves for the grand kids to jump in. Mom will call me and let me know when the leaves are just right for jumping in, and the kids are always wanting to go and play in them. They start asking in the spring when the leaves are just coming out! Needless to say they love to play in the leaves! Such wonderful memories from my girlhood, playing in leaves and building leaf houses, barns, and all the silly fun you have in the fall with leaves. We live in hay fields and have no trees, so therefore we have no leaves to play in. Besides it's more fun to play with family! Oh they had so much fun playing with Nana, Fumfa, and their cousins! They made a leaf house and big piles to jump in, and even stuffed themselves full of leaves like a scarecrow. Along with another, who will remain nameless!! You know who you are!! Hahaha!!! Not to mention a wonderfully, delish cake my sister made!!
Got some great pictures I'd love to share, but can't... dial up.

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