Monday, October 4, 2010


We are in the process of trying to get our cow bred. We have a 3yo Jersey cow named Magnolia, we call her Maggie for short, along with a bunch of other names of endearment. All our cows (that we are yet to get) will be named after flowers. Well, we had the AI tech come out this morning, and we literally just missed our window of breeding time. There is only a short amount to time, 18 hours, to get them bred. Darn it all. Now we will have to wait another 18-21 days to try again.We didn't know that the AI techs would come out on the weekend, or she would be bred as of yesterday. That means she will be dry all summer long. So Matthew said we need another cow. Oh no I thought! A summer calving cow and a winter calving cow!! Cows must be like bunnies, they quickly multiply!!
 On that note about the cow in heat, last night Maggie was running and leaping in the air after we got done milking her and turned her out. She was acting like a heifer turned out on fresh grass in the spring, not a mature milking cow!  She charged at the broilers who are in her pasture, in a pen, and they made quite a racket as this large, brown cow came barreling down on them! They ran, and for broilers to run is not easy at almost 6 weeks old, for cover! Eventually she calmed down and started eating grass. We were glad she didn't hurt herself with her antics, but had a good laugh over watching her!
This afternoon we had some chicken manure come to spread on the hay field, and boy does it stink! Down wind of it and all. I don't think our neighbors will like us for a few days until it rains and the smell goes away! It's not the wet stuff, it's the dry chicken manure, I think the wet manure would be worse. But it still sinks. Thankfully it's cold enough to keep the windows closed!  The horses keep sniffing the air and looking out in the field for the source of the smell. I don't think they like it either!
Well I need to go and make some bread, yummy smells for the house!

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