Sunday, October 17, 2010


All the carrots are now done!! I think they look pretty in their jars, but they do kinda have a smell while you are canning them. The kids came in the house this afternoon and said it smells like carrots.  They will taste really yummy in soups this winter, or just by themselves. Our youngest LOVES carrots. Always has. She sees all the carrots lined up on the counter waiting to go in the canner and she walks by them saying and pointing with her chubby little finger "mine, mine, mine" with a cute little smile on her face and her beautiful, blue eyes twinkling as she goes. She also likes to sample them while they are waiting as well. When the carrots are still in the ground the kids ask if they can go pick a carrot and eat it. I love that they like most of their fruits and vegetables, and will often go out and pick something from the garden and eat it!
Tomorrow it's apple picking time! We are looking forward to picking them and making apple cider! We have a small apple cider press and enjoy making cider, and drinking it too! Yummy! Should have a great opportunity to take some great pictures too!

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